Loss of eliquid flavor

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    Hi all,
    I am here for my friend...My friend and I have been vaping for the last 2 years. We love to try new eliquids. Last week we bought a caramel flavor eliquid from an eliquid distributor, whose services and eliquids are really good.
    While vaping, all of a sudden he started losing the flavor from the juice… I guess it’s something called vaper’s tongue, where you unexpectedly lose the taste for the flavor... Am not sure if that is really the case… Both of us have been vaping the same flavor. But I didn’t feel any change or experience a loss of flavor during vaping. So, I am worried if it has something to do with his health… Should I be concerned..? I read vaper’s tongue mostly occurs to chain vapers, which he is not… I am hoping it’s nothing serious… Has this happened to someone here… If you have any insights on the situation please let me know… Thanks in advance...
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    As far as health concerns, rest easy.
    It could be anything from vaper's tongue to an old coil.
    Have your friend drink plenty of liquids, pop in a new coil if needed and switch up flavors when the taste starts to fade After a bit, they can go back to that flavor and it will be as good as new