IVOGO Abaddon Dual 18650 Mechanical Mod

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    The virtues of this aluminum Abaddon mod are obvious in the pictures: very tidy form factor and, less obvious, light weight and full mech. When I first saw it I ordered it immediately, fingers crossed about the switch and contact design, which was not pictured.

    Two days in and I'm very happy. I did disassemble everything and tune the switch to my liking, putting in a small washer to shorten the throw. Glad I did, because one element of the mechanism had been assembled upside down, making the electrical contact weaker and switch pressure very high. It's hitting great and easy now.

    I put it beside my Dimitri for a reason other than the size comparison. The switch mechanism in the Abaddon is basically a scaled down Dimitri design. That is, no current passes through a spring anywhere. The switch mechanically deflects a flexible contact beam making positive contact between two flat surfaces. The battery contacts are adjusted with screws and, one thing the Dimitri doesn't have, the center pin is adjustable. I will break the mechanism down later and show pictures.

    I'm using this basically stock right now. Will round off the bottom edges later so it feels better in the hand, ditto the edges of the switch button and lock ring. And that dumb ass graphic will go too.

    Screenshot 2015-06-16 at 4.23.29 PM.png

    IMAG0531_picmonkeyed.jpg IMAG0533_picmonkeyed.jpg
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    I've been eyeing this myself,thanks for the review :)

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