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Is Movi Kuy Pod System Kit Worth Buying?

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by gearvitaid, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. gearvitaid

    gearvitaid Dedicated Poster Vendor

    Hey guys. What kind of vape devices do you like best? This time we'll be covering a pod vape named Movi Kuy, hope you will like it.

    Movi Kuy Pod System Kit is an ultra-compact device with a pen-style form factor. Constructed from aluminum alloy and PCTG, it is very light to hold in hand and very easy to carry around. Powered by a built-in 560mAh battery, the Movi Kuy is activated by inhaling and has a maximum output of 12W. Charging is done by way of a micro USB port on the bottom of the device, and a full charge only takes 60-80 minutes. Moreover, there is an LED indicator light near the bottom to show the battery level in different colors. To ensure the safety of use, the device also features over puff protection, short circuit protection, over-discharging protection, and low power protection.
    As for the pod of the Movi Kuy, it can hold up to 1.6ml of your favorite e-juice. Refilling is a breeze via a filling port on the side and the juice level is easy to check as the pod is transparent. The coil inside the pod has a resistance of 1.3ohm, you know this is very suitable for e-liquids with a high level of nicotine. However, the coil is non-removable so you may need a new pod when the coil is past its best. All in all, the Movi Kuy is very easy to use and I think it is a must-have for vaping on the go!

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