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Is Hotcig Hades BF RDA Worth Buying?

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by gearvitaid, May 23, 2020.

  1. gearvitaid

    gearvitaid Dedicated Poster Vendor

    Hey guys. Recently, Hotcig has launched quite a few vape devices. This time let's look at their Hades BF RDA. Don't miss out on it if you like. Here are more details.

    Hotcig Hades RDA is a phenomenal addition to the rebuildable market, featuring a spacious build deck, substantial airflow, and an ultra-lux finish with minimalistic designs. Measuring in at 24mm, the large build deck of the Hades RDA features a quad post design suitable for either a single or dual coil configuration. Each post contains a single terminal opening that is top secured via flathead screws. Between the posts sit a dual slotted inlet for airflow that is drawn from the dual external side slots measuring in 5mm by 2mm; aimed directly underneath the coil.
    The dual directional airflow channels are great for flavor and can be adjusted to be as free or restrictive as desired. Furthermore, the Hotcig Hades RDA is built in a minimalistic fashion, featuring a clean and simple exterior bathed in 24k gold, while the build deck is spacious and is not cluttered or restrictive. The top cap has an internal cone shape within that condenses the flavor into a single exit point to deluge the tastebuds in the flavor of today's popular vape juice. Just give it a shot!

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