Innokin MVP5 and Ajax Kit - A Review

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    Hello, Vapers,

    100%VG here with a review of the
    Innokin MVP5 & Ajax Kit. It’s been a pretty long time since my last review, but I am Proud to be doing this one! I don’t have fancy test gear to calculate things like Amperage ratings, Wattage Accuracy charts, mAh Accuracy ratings, or Temperature Control Accuracy, so this is my evaluation based on my satisfaction of usage.

    I was given an MVP5 & Ajax Kit for my submission in a Giveaway, where Innokin had 2 Optional Questions, asking for Ideas and Suggestions on what Innokin could do to help us in this (what I will call) American War against Our legal nicotine e-cigarette, or vaping, products. Instead of actually Entering the Giveaway by following the posted rules to Win, I simply posted a Draft of what turned out to be the 9-page letter that I wrote and mailed to President Trump at the White House. Innokin announced me as an Additional Winner, thanked me for telling the Truth, and gave me the Kit. I was both surprised and delighted, not having expecting this, and I gratefully and thankfully accepted.

    However, the fact that this was a Gift will not have any effect on my review! Never has and never will!

    In the following PM, I was told that I could select the color I wanted, and I said, either the Black one or the White one, if Black was not available. I was sent and received, in like 2 days, the Beautiful White one which I have been using exclusively since October 25, so it’s nearly a month now. I offered to review it after having used it long enough to get to know all the Ins and Outs. Innokin accepted, and now I am here to tell you about it.

    But first, let me present a Proper Introduction...


    Innokin MVP5 Mod with Ajax Tank Kit

    The Innokin MVP5 Vape Mod is the latest version of the famous Innokin MVP series. The MVP5 has been redesigned and updated with an all new rugged and sturdy look, which is perfect for the outdoors. The MVP5 features a huge built-in 5200mAh battery capacity. The MVP5 features three different Wattage modes along with Temperature Control and TCR mode. The MVP5 features Wattage Presets for the Innokin Ajax and Innokin Zenith/Zlide Tanks for an optimized vaping experience when using these tanks. The MVP5 features an independent flashlight design with six different light modes, depending on the situation. The MVP5 features a USB Power Bank function to recharge your cellphone, tablet, or any other USB powered electronic device. The MVP5 features a unique Sensor Suite, which includes a Compass, Thermometer, Barometer, and Altimeter Senor. The MVP5 includes a convenient USB Type-C Charging Cable Lanyard for a fast charging port. Conquer the outdoors with the Innokin MVP5 Vape Mod!

    The Innokin Ajax Vape Tank features a great balance between flavor and vapor production, using the included Ajax Plex3D Coil Atomizer Heads. The Ajax features a 5.0ml e-Liquid capacity that may be filled using the convenient sliding top fill design. The Ajax is designed for direct to lung users with dual airflow slots that may be adjusted down to your personal preferences. The Ajax utilizes Ajax Kanthal Plex3D Coil Atomizer Heads that produce large amounts of vapor and pure flavor. The Ajax is topped off with a sleek Wide-Bore Resin Drip Tip and is also compatible with other 510 Drip Tips.

    Features and Specs for Innokin MVP5 Mod:
    • Dimensions (inches): 3-5/8(H) x 2-1/16(W) x 1-1/16(D)
    • Dimensions (metric): 92mm(H) x 53.4mm(W) x 27mm(D)
    • 510 Threaded
    • Built-in Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
    • Wattage Range: 6 - 120W
    • Resistance Range: 0.1 - 3.5ohm
    • Three Wattage Modes: Normal, Boost, and Soft
    • Temperature Control and TCR Mode [with Memory for 4 Settings]
    • Wattage Presets for Ajax (DTL) and Zenith/Zlide (MTL)
    • Rugged and Sturdy Design
    • Independent Flashlight Button with Six Light Modes
    • USB Power Bank Function [on the bottom, for things like Charging a Cell Phone]
    • Sensor Suite: Compass, Thermometer, Barometer, and Altimeter Sensors
    • Includes (1) USB Type-C Charging Cable [Wrist Strap] Lanyard
    • Lower Rear Side] Bottom USB Type-C Charging Port
    • USB-C 2Amp Quick Charge
    Please note: Temperature Control requires the use of Nickel, Titanium, or Stainless Steel Coils.

    Features and Specs for Innokin Ajax Tank:
    • Dimensions (inches): 1-15/16"(H) x 15/16"(W) (Including Drip Tip)
    • Dimensions (metric): 49.2mm(H) x 23.8mm(W) (Including Drip Tip)
    • [Base] Diameter: 24mm
    • 510 Threaded
    • E-Liquid Capacity: 5.0ml Bubble Glass Tube (in Standard version. 2.0ml in TPD Compliance)
    • Sliding Top Fill Design
    • Glass Tank
    • Dual Airflow Slots
    • Bottom Adjustable Airflow Control Valve
    • Designed for Direct to Lung Use
    • Includes (1) Ajax Kanthal Plex3D Matrix Coil 0.16ohm Atomizer Head (Pre-installed) (50 - 80W)
    • Includes (1) Ajax Kanthal Plex3D Coil 0.35ohm Atomizer Head (30 - 55W)
    • 510 Drip Tip Compatible
    Package Contents:

    1 x Innokin MVP5 Mod
    1 x Innokin Ajax Tank
    1 x Ajax Plex3D Matrix Coil 0.16ohm Atomizer Head (Pre-installed)
    1 x Ajax Plex3D Coil 0.35ohm Atomizer Head
    1 x [Spare] Replacement 5ml Bubble Glass
    1 x Packet of Spare Parts
    1 x [≈12.5 inch long] USB Type-C Charging Cable [Wrist Strap] Lanyard

    NOTE: The recommended High Quality 2Amp USB Charging Adapter is not included.

    I’m sorry for this, but I have to present this in multiple postings to get all of the pictures in, as there is a 10-Image Limit per post

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    I have to begin by saying how much I Love this Innokin Kit. This is my very first Innokin product, and I am so completely impressed with everything about it! It’s my first, because I decided years ago that I only wanted Mods with removable, replaceable, rechargeable round-cell 18650 (etc.) batteries, so I have basically ignored Innokin products since January 2013, having bought my first 18650 Mod and Tank at that time. I took this route because I was tired of the non-replaceable batteries in Cigalikes and the eGo-T. Actually, this is why I did not enter the Giveaway, but only posted in it. Sorry, Innokin! My Bad! Now I know what I’ve been missing!

    Innokin thought of Everything in this MVP5 and Ajax combination! .I find Many Pros to speak of (all Great stuff), I find Zero Cons, well, no Hard Cons, but 2 minor ones, and then only some Very Minor, Nit-Picky stuff as Suggestions for Improvements, all of which could probably be handled in a Firmware Update... If Innokin finds them useful enough and/or thoughtful enough, and easy enough to incorporate through Firmware. That is, I realize that it's possible that some things may be beyond the Chip's programmable abilities through Firmware. All of which I have already submitted to Innokin, who has the Engineers considering them for a Firmware Update, plus also the 2 minor cons. I’ll let you know about all of them when I hear back from Innokin about them. I was happy to see that all of these things were positively accepted for consideration, so again, I’ll go into detail about them later.

    For any of you who are already familiar with Innokin products, and know about their reputation for High Quality and Attention to Detail in both Design and Included Features and Options, what can I say?...
    It's an Innokin product! .[​IMG] .So where do I start?

    OK, first off, as said, I have a White one, and I think it’s Beautiful! Mine looks more like the first one, in both Whiteness and Marbling, but my Battery Charge Level indicator is Green, like the second one.

    [​IMG] . . . [​IMG]

    These are your Color Options...


    The feel in the hand is great to me (although, I a man and I have big hands, and I love Dual Series 18650 Box Mods). The weight is less than a Dual Series 18650 Mod (at least the 3-4 that I use most). If I had a Scale in this range, I would compare it to the Mods that I use most often. To me, it’s about size and shape of the average Dual Series 18650 Box Mod, but it is a little smaller in height, depth, and width. However, this Battery has 5200mAh!!! :w00t: This lasts me all day, especially with the Plex3D Coil 0.35ohm Atomizer Heads! I’ve been using Dual Series 18650 Samsung 30Q 3000mAh in my Mods, and changing them at least once per day, sometimes twice. I had to hit the Plex3D Matrix Coil 0.16ohm Atomizer Head (included in the box) a bit longer for a satisfying vape, but the 5200mAh battery still lasted until bed time.

    I find the hard plastic body of the MVP5 easy to hold, and there’s nothing slippery, slidey about it, though I do support it with the pinky finger bent underneath it. My White one is nicely accented by Chrome (or a chrome-look) on the top and bottom, and the buttons look like chrome as well. There’s also a chrome-look to the marble-look inlays, and also in the vertically mounted black mountain range inlay on the lower front. I guess that’s an Innokin thing. The vertical grooves on the sides help make it easy to grip and hold in one hand. I generally hold it, resting in and gripped by 3 fingers of my hand, with my pinky underneath, and the screen facing me. I press the Vape/Power button with my thumb. Doing it this way makes it easy to read the screen, as I like to see the Puff Time (which doesn’t really show well below). Here are my (somewhat fuzzy) pictures that show how I generally hold it to vape (my thumb wraps around to hold it more securely when I’m not vaping)...

    Click on these Thumbnails to see them full size...

    upload_2019-11-22_19-7-19.png upload_2019-11-22_19-7-59.png upload_2019-11-22_19-9-19.png upload_2019-11-22_19-9-54.png

    The last one lets you see the Standby screen.

    The included features in the MVP5 are beyond anything I’ve seen before! I mean, this one even a Sensor Suite via MENU> SENSORS. There’s a Compass, a Thermometer, a Barometer, and an Altimeter Sensor. :w00t: To get to it, or anything in the Menu: Triple-tap the Select button to see the Menu, and then scroll through the listed features with the Up(+) or Down(-) button. Tap the Select button to enter a Menu item. If the screen is not already On, then you have to tap either the Power button or the Select button, and then triple-tap the Select button. All of this will be shown in pictures from Quick Start Guide shortly.

    The MVP5 also has a Flashlight on the top, fairly close to the Ajax Tank, and an On/Off button centered on the bottom of the Mod. The Brightness can be set with a Menu that comes up on the screen, once you turn the flashlight On. Your choices are Maximum (Brightness), Mid-Range, and Minimum, and Maximum is Very Bright! I left mine on Maximum and I have used it! You can also have the flashlight send an S.O.S. signal, or set it to Beacon (flashing), or Strobe (flashing quickly). The MVP5 has a Digital Clock displayed just above the Battery Charge level bar, and I love it! Plus, having the Time, Day, and Date info so handy on the Standby screen has been very convenient many times!

    The screen’s Brightness can be set in MENU> DISPLAY, though even on full brightness, it’s still not easy to read out in Sunlight. The Display Menu also has a Timing section where will find Standby and Timeout settings. Standby sets the amount of time (in seconds) that the Vape Screen stays On, showing your Vape Settings, Coil Ohms, etc., during and after taking a Puff, until the Standby screen is displayed (I have mine set to 6 seconds for this). The Timeout setting sets how long (in seconds) the Time, Day, and Date are displayed before the screen turns Off (I have mine set to 20 seconds).

    Before getting more into the Menus, this picture shows the Buttons and what they are called. I made this image just for you, and I made the background a light blue, because the MVP5 is White, and the white background made it hard to see. Yes, this is all in the User Manual (Quick Start Guide), but you don’t have one, so this might be helpful...

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    Speaking of the Menu, here are all of the Features and Settings that are available. There are Features galore, and I have suggested changes to some of them that may well be included soon (the nit-picky stuff), plus maybe one more Setting for the Clock, if Daylight Savings Time (DST) can be added. The following are images of every page (in English) in the User Manual (Quick Start Guide), as of time of posting...






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    Things to mention:
    • Getting into the Menu: If the screen is dark (not displaying anything), then tap either the Power button or the Select button to light up the screen. Then triple-tap the Select button. Now the Menu is displayed. Use the Up(+) and Down(-) buttons to Navigate, and then tap the Select button to open the option you choose. I will say that the deeper you go into the Menus without making a change, just to look around, then the more times you will have to scroll back through the Menus and tap the Select button on [​IMG] at the bottom to exit the Menu completely.

    • To me, the seemingly small looking Ajax Tank with a Bubble Glass Tube holds 5ml of Juice, and that’s a good thing!

    • At first, I thought, Wow, only 5ml?, because I have been using 8 and 9ml (and even 10ml) Cloud Chasing Tanks with RBA Heads in Subohm Tanks and RTAs with my own builds. But these Ajax Kanthal Plex3D Coil 0.35Ω Atomizer Heads produce Great Flavor, and the Clouds are plenty big enough for me! Yet I am still getting the nicotine that I’m used to and going through less Juice than I was. I think this is Amazing, because I’ve been concerned about the amount of Juice I go through in a day, so this is a Great Solution for me! That is, I can take a 1 second to 1½ second puff on a new coil, and get plenty enough vapor for my way of vaping. As the coil gets gunked up from the Chocolate in my DIY York Peppermint Patty juice, I gradually take longer puffs, until I replace the Atomizer Head 2 to 3 weeks later.

    • For me, having the Screen Colors option set to Blue greatly enhances the White/Blue Theme of my White one. Blue is my favorite color anyway, but this White/Blue Theme is just Gorgeous!

    • The Battery Charge level bar uses 3 colors and changes in decreasing length during usage from the Full Charge color of Green (100 to 60%), to Yellow (60 to 20%), then to Red (20 to 0%).

    • USB-C 2Amp Quick Charge ability can charge the 5200 mAh battery at up to 2 Amps. While on Charge, the Amperage In is displayed on the screen, and the Time left until 90% Charge is shown beneath it. With USB-C 2Amp Quick Charge ability, a High Quality 5V 2A USB Charger (not included) is recommended. I asked if Time left until 90% Charge could be changed to a digital Charge Percentage number, or at least display the Charge Percentage somewhere. If not where Time left until 90% Charge is now, then I thought that it might be better to have it above the Charge Level bar where the Digital Time is now.

    • The included USB Type- Charging Cable Lanyard is only about 12.5 inches long in total length, so I don’t really think that calling it a Lanyard is really the right term to describe it. I cannot get it around my neck, so I see it as more of a Wrist Strap. But I told Innokin that I would never use it as a Wrist Strap, or as a Lanyard (if it was long enough for that), because I would not want to damage the Charging Cable.

    • Since the Charging Cable was not shown in any pictures on the Innokin MVP5 and Ajax Tank website, I found one that shows it in the included items in the Retail Box, wrapped up and bound with a paper strap. I edited the size of the image I found to crop out some if it and to point out the Charging Cable clearly. That image is below, but the Charging Cable is really not well displayed. I mean, it’s a pretty cool Charging Cable in a Ribbon Cable design (flat, not round), with Innokin Logo and markings on it, but for me, it’s the only Type-C Cable I have. I fear that using it as a Wrist Strap and/or Lanyard (if it was long enough) would damage the wires or their connections to the plugs inside.

    • I also pointed out that the Type C "Wrist Strap Style" USB Cable is only ≈10.5 inches long, with the assembly being only ≈12.5 inches long from plug tip to plug tip, and that this requires the Mod to be quite close to the Computer USB Port, or the 5V USB Charging Adapter, which is usually plugged in to a wall outlet. This presents something of a problem, as here in America, the electrical outlets on the wall are generally 14 inches up from the floor, meaning that the MVP5 has to be sitting on something close to it, or some other measure must be taken to charge it. So the MVP5, as currently packaged, does have this Charging issue, along with one other that I pointed out. This is 1 of the 2 minor issues that I mentioned.

    • Even though the included Ajax Kanthal Plex3D Matrix Coil 0.16Ω and Ajax Kanthal Plex3D Coil 0.35Ω Atomizer Heads are stated as being Kanthal coils, both of mine still work in Temp Control (at least well enough for me). When I install a 0.35Ω Plex3D Atomizer Head and set the Mod to Temp Control using SS316L, the MVP5 Calibrates itself to it and it works (to my assessment) just as well as if the Plex3D Coils were actually SS316L. I mean, I set it to SS316L and the MVP5 sets itself to °F and 120W Pre-Heat, and I set TC to 420°. It works fine for me like this and I feel that TC is working (at least somewhat) properly, because, if I increase 420° to 470°, I get more vapor, and I haven't burnt any cotton yet, or had any bad taste after the Tanks gets pretty empty. I told Innokin about this and now their Engineers are looking into it. But for me, I’ll continue to use it this way, or at least until Innokin tells me not to, for a good reason. I hate to mention another E-Cig Brand here, but the Smok TFV12 Coil Heads do the same thing on their Mods, so I used them this way first.
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    More things to mention:
    • The Ajax Tank is easy to fill. There’s an arrow on top (between 2 tiny screws) which points to the direction to push the sliding top cap, and the top opens easily, exposing a nice size fill hole. It’s great for Unicorn/Gorilla Juice bottles, and while I have not actually tried it, the fill hole looks big enough for Juice bottles that have a Glass Eyedropper without making a mess.

    • There's a Packet of several kinds of spare O-Rings, a spare top cap Juice Fill Hole Seal/Gasket, and 2 tiny Screws as replacements for top cap screws on the top, in case you lose one while replacing the Fill Hole Seal.

    • It was stated in the specs that the Ajax Tank Drip Tip hole is 510 Drip Tip Compatible, so I tried several of mine. While all them fit inside, some more snugly than others, some of the older ones did not seat all the way down. Looks like maybe the 510 Drip Tip hole could have been 1.5mm to 2.0mm deeper. But that’s OK by me, because I like the theme-matching, marbled-look White/Blue Resin Wide-Bore Drip Tip that is included.

    • If you want a restricted airflow for MTL and you want an Innokin product, you’ll have to use a Zenith/Zlide Tank or something else, because the Airflow on this Ajax Tank does not make for good MTL. I tried adjusting the airflow several times, included shut completely, and could not find what I thought would be suitable for MTL. But this is also fine by me, because this Ajax Tank seems to have been designed for DTL (direct to lung) anyway.

    • The Ajax Plex3D Atomizer Heads are very easy to install and/or replace. Simply pull on the incorporated 510 threads, or grab the circular rim between the 510 O-Ring and the Air Holes. Refer to the image I made for you below...


    • CAUTION: Be careful about the way the Tank comes apart when replacing an Ajax Atomizer Head!!! .One of two things will happen when unscrewing the base from the top, of course, with the tank held upside down. Either it will come apart in the way that's needed, exposing the Atomizer Heads 510 threads and Air Holes, with the Atomizer Head seated into the bottom deck Alignment slots (as seen above), so you can easily remove the old Atomizer Head and insert a new one (which should only be done with the juice level safely below the juice slots while upside down). Look at the images above and below as references for this. Either there, Or, the whole bottom section will unscrew from the top, along with the bubble glass holding on by the top O-Ring, with the Atomizer Head inaccessible inside the Chimney, but also opening the juice the Chimney seal to the top as it unscrews from there (see the arrow pointing inside below for the location), which will make all of the juice pour out through the Drip Tip, making a big mess.

    • My advice is that you make a habit of either vaping most of the juice out first, or draining most of it out before replacing an Atomizer Head. Just be careful and watch closely to see which section is unscrewing, making sure that it unscrews at the Airflow Slots Ring including the 1mm thick bottom deck, and not at the bottom of the Glass (1mm below where it should), also watching the Chimney inside at the top, and you should be fine. If you see it unscrewing from the top of the Chimney inside and you can't make that stop (see the arrow pointing inside), then you can either vape it or drain it out first. I was lucky enough when this happened to me that the juice was almost entirely gone, and it separated this wrong way. The image below will help to identify the two places that the Ajax Tank may come apart. (Sorry that I couldn't find something clearer, but I made this from the only two things I could find. The White one would have shown this more clearly, but I did what I could to point it out.)...

    As promised, this is the picture of everything that’s included in the Retail Box, also showing the USB Type-C Charging Cable Lanyard. You cannot see the plug ends because they are hidden inside the Clip that supplies the Lanyard’s Mod-holding loop. You cannot see it in the picture, but there's a slot in the metal on the top rear side edge in the center for the loop to be pushed through and be secured to the MVP5...

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    So what Features/Options have I not mentioned yet? Let’s see, there is...

    When you install a new coil (or if you remove the Atomizer and put it back On for any reason), the MVP5 will display NEW COIL DETECTED (whether it’s new or not) and display the detected Ohms value on the screen in large text, and beneath it show LAST:0.16Ω (or whatever it was) in smaller text. If you want to keep the same Ohms value and use the same MODE as last time, select SAME. However, if it’s a new coil, or, if the Ohms value is different for some reason, but you want to use the new Ohms value, then select either WATTAGE or TC MODE to save the new Ohms value and apply the Mode you selected. If the new coil is an AJAX or Z COIL Head, you can select the correct one from the Menu, and you will be configured using Wattage Mode with a Wattage Range that is limited to the Recommended Ohms Range written on the Atomizer Head.

    While I have not tried anything in WATTAGE Mode yet, I have used TC MODE exclusively, and I noticed that once the wire type is selected, the MVP5 Calibrates itself to it and drops you into TC Mode, where you can select °C or °F and set the degrees you want to vape with.

    When setting up the Plex3D coils for myself, I selected TC MODE (not knowing that they are Kanthal), then SS316L, and the MVP5 Calibrated itself to it, also selecting the right Ohms value, and dropped me into TC Mode at 120W Pre-Heat and (I believe it was) 420 °F. If not, then I kept °F and changed the Temp to 420°. I’ve been using it that way since, and I have also used both a 0.35Ω Plex3D Coil (first), and then the 0.16Ω Plex3D Matrix Coil that I used until replacing it with another 0.35Ω Plex3D Coil after using that one for 2 to 2½weeks, and both types performed well in TC Mode at 120W Pre-Heat and 420°. Both types also lasted me for 2 to 2½ weeks (if not more) of pretty heavy usage, vaping my DIY with Chocolate.

    While I did find the way in the Manual to adjust the 120W Pre-Heat to something lower, I put it back to 120W, and I haven’t worried about the coil’s stated Wattage Ratings, because the coils are only hit with up to 120W briefly before TC kicks in and controls the applied Wattage as necessary to maintain the Temperature selected. The first one was a 0.35Ω Plex3D Coil, and it lasted around 2½ weeks or more. After that one, I put in a 0.16Ω Plex3D Matrix Coil and vaped it in TC MODE this way until replacing it. It lasted at least 2½ weeks, if not more.

    In MENU> WATTAGE, you have NORMAL, BOOST, SOFT, AJAX, Z COIL, and CURVE. NORMAL is for Direct Wattage Output. BOOST supplies a 20% Boost for 2 seconds (for more flavor). SOFT reduces the Wattage by 20% and increases to the set Wattage over 2 seconds. Use CURVE to set Custom Curves for Wattage over time.

    The options in MENU> TC MODE are for SS316L, TITANIUM, NI200, and TCR, where you can set the known (or desired) value for any other TC wire you may want to work with, or you can customize the setting for SS316L in TCR. There are 4 TCR Value Memory slots. And of course, you can also select between °C and °F.

    In MENU> CUTOFF, you can set the amount off seconds when power will be Cutoff from the Atomizer, if you so desire. At the present time, 3 seconds is the shortestCutoff Puff time that the MVP5 can be set to. I asked for the shortest time to be 1 second, with ½ second increments up to 3 seconds, where 1 second increments will begin.

    The MENU> SENSORS screen displays an full, side to side circle with a pretty cool looking Compass inside, showing the direction you are going, and there's a digital up to 3-digit number below that. 0° is marked with an N on the compass, identifying it as due North, so 180° would be due South. As you turn left or right, the direction you are going (or pointing the MVP5) is displayed in 1° increments as the compass spins. That's pretty darn precise! To Calibrate the Compass, hold the MPV5 with the screen forward, flip it forward twice and then backwards twice. Below that, there are 4 rows of information starting with the Thermometer, which is showing the Temperature in both °C and °F, ie, 14 °C/80 °F. Then the Barometer and Altimeter Sensor are below that, doing their things, but I'm not weather savvy enough to know what they mean.

    MENU> SYSTEM displays CLOCK, PASSKEY, I.D. #, VERSION, and RESET. In CLOCK you can select between 12 hour time or 24 hour (Military) time, and set the Year, Month, Day, and Date, and below that you can set the Hour, Minutes, and Seconds for the correct time. I asked that Daylight Savings Time be added as another option. PASSKEY will allow you to set a Password for Security. I.D. # is your Device ID#. RESET will restore the MVP5 to Factory Settings.

    When you connect something to the CHARGE OUT (POWER BANK MODE) (Insert USB Cable into Port on Base) on the bottom, the MVP5 displays the Time, Battery Capacity [decreasing charge level due to discharging], the Charging Amperage Out, Remaining Charge Time, and Total mAh Charged.

    As is, before any changes that Innokin may make due to suggestions I gave them, when Charging Power is connected via the USB Type-C Port, the screen will display the charging information and give an animated charging bar at the top, to indicate that the MVP5 is indeed Charging. The Time is displayed at the top with the animated charging bar below it. In the center of the screen, there’s a large circle with CHARGING AMPERAGE IN displayed in big letters. This is the actual Amperage that the battery is taking in to Charge. The CHARGE IN circle and text color can be two colors. Green means that the Charging Amperage In is > 0.8A (greater than 0.8A). Red means that the Charging Amperage In is < 0.8A (less than 0.8A).

    The Manual recommends that you use a high quality certified 5V Wall charger and the included Type-C Cable. [Personally, I would recommend a 2 Amp Charger. I have a 2.1 Amp one.] Gently insert [the supplied] Type-C [Cable plug] carefully [into the MVP5]. Replace Carefully with [insert the] connector [into the Charger]. Do not leave [the] MPV5 charging unattended. [Sorry, but the Manual needs some work.]

    • To turn the MVP5 On or Off, press the Power button 3 times [I would say quickly].

    • To access the Menu with the screen already On, tap the Select button 3 times. Then use either Up(+) or Down(-) to reach the desired Menu Option, and then tap Select to enter that Menu Option. When tapping or pressing the buttons in these sequences, I find it more convenient to use my thumbnail(s). If the screen is not On, then tap either the Power button or the Select button once, and then proceed.

    • Below are some MVP5 screens, starting with the normal Wattage Vape screen, then the Main Menu, and then the two most commonly used Menus...


    • To change the Wattage in WATTAGE Mode, hold either Up(+) or Down(-) until the Wattage flashes. Then use either Up(+) or Down(-) to set the new Wattage [then press Select to make if take effect more quickly].

    • To change the Temperature in TC Mode, Hold either Up(+) or Down(-) until the Temperature flashes. Then use either Up(+) or Down(-) to set the new Temperature [then press Select to make if take effect more quickly].

      Moving on to other controls

    • Set Device Lock by pressing both Select and Up(+).

    • Press Select and Down(-) to View Secondary Screen Info. That’s Time, Battery Charge, Battery Voltage, Coil Resistance, Temperature [of what, I’m not sure] (in both °F and °C), Puff Count, and Date.

    • Set Stealth Mode On or Off by pressing both Up(+) and Down(-). The Screen Brightness will be set to 10%.

    • To change the PRE-HEAT [Wattage] in TC Mode, hold either Up(+) or Down(-) until the Temperature flashes. Continue holding and Pre-Heat [Wattage] will flash. It can be tricky to catch before it changes back to Temp Degrees, but it really can be done! Start over if you have to. Once you have it flashing, then use either Up(+) or Down(-) to set your new Pre-Heat Wattage. You can press Select to make if take effect more quickly. The Manual advises to: Start the Pre-Heat Temperature Wattage low and increase it to taste. [The Manual has an error there saying PRE-HEAT Temperature instead of Wattage.] Mine is fine at 120W, but you can adjust your as desired.

    I believe that’s all of the Settings, (well, except PUFFS) and therefore all of the Features/Options.
  7. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    There are two Posters that are available for download on the Innokin MVP5 & Ajax Kit webpage. The Manual is also available for Download there. All three of them are included here (both Posters as a Thumbnail, and the Manual in Full Size because I could not upload the image here (it failed twice)...

    Poster 1


    Poster 2


    User Manual (Quick Start Guide)


  8. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    So, what more is there to say? Can you tell that I am excited about this Innokin Kit? :laugh: I've been using it every day, all day, until right before bed when I put it on the Charge, and pick up another Mod and Tank to use for a few minutes until I place it on the nightstand and go to bed. I just love it! And I hope you will, too. :thumb: So feel free to join in and share your experiences with us. I'd love to hear stories from anyone who actually uses features like the Compass, the Thermometer, or the Barometer and Altimeter.
  9. MRSpivey

    MRSpivey Faith, Hope, & Love...

    Great review! Thanks!!
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  10. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Thanks, Mark! Have you ever owned an Innokin product?

    Gotta love a 5200mAh battery! I've cut down on the amount of juice I go through in a day, and with my vape-style and a Plex3D Coil 0.35Ω Atomizer Head, the battery is lasting me 2 whole days now before needing to be recharged. I think that's incredible! :thumb:

    Can't do this with a Plex3D Matrix Coil 0.16Ω Atomizer Head, because I have to hit it harder and longer, but with a Plex3D Coil 0.35Ω Atomizer Head, I can. And they gave me 2 boxes of those bad boys.
  11. MRSpivey

    MRSpivey Faith, Hope, & Love...

    Very early in my beginning of vaping. I think it was a CLK pen. Very reliable.[​IMG]
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  12. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    That looks a lot like the Joyetech eGo-T that I moved to after 2 brands of Cigalikes and then one (somewhat) refillable cigalike that only held like 3 drops of juice, but was said to equal a pack of smokes. I loved the eGo-Ts until they both burned up within a month. An Atomizer shorted and took out both batteries. :( But that's when I moved up to 18650 Mods and a Vision Vivi Nova 3ml plastic-tubed tank.

    I bought two full eGo-T Kits so one battery could charge while I vaped the other one. I thought they were actually official Joyetech products, because everything about them looked exactly the same as the real ones online, but this Ripoff Artist retailer here in town was ordering cheap, knockoff, cloned crap from China. Everything about them was the cheapest components he could find. The 1100mAh battery inside (Joyetech was only 1000mAh!) were Bin D or worse, total garbage. I know, because I was so excited about having a shop in town, and I wanted to help him sell them.

    The longer I was around him, the more I learned about how cheaply he got them ($11 each), but he sold them for the same $80 as the real ones. I tried to talk him into buying Bin A batteries the next time, but he agreed to try to specify Bin B. Don't know if he ever did because I left him when my 2 blew up and he would not replace them. Wow, that was a trip way back in time. :laugh: But I learned to only buy online from reputable shops, so I could return something if needed.