How to use Cherry to Lower cholesterol levels

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    CHERRY :
    Cherry is good not only as a filling for a pie. This berry helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar and fat in the liver, lower oxidative stress and increased production of a molecule that helps the body to properly organize the absorption of fat and sugar.
    The positive effects of high concentrations of antioxidant compounds in cherries have been found by scientists of the University Health System of Michigan (USA) After testing its effects on laboratory rats for 90 days.
    Enriched carbohydrate diet consisted of 10% of the rodents cherry ingredients. According to doctors, the consumption of cherries can stop the formation of risk factors for heart disease and diabetes - its action is aimed at improving the ability to neutralize damaging molecules produced in the body during metabolism.

    to read full article from here :
    Top 6 Foods that Help you to Lower Cholesterol Levels
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    welcome to VB, @bradoral :)

    that is good to know about cherries. i eat a lot of blueberries because they are also rich in antioxidants.
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