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HDMI vs. Optical Digital Audio

Discussion in 'Hi-Tech Toys' started by BenJammin, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. BenJammin

    BenJammin Fantasy Football King

    Ok, what I am trying to do here is a very rigged way of hooking things up, but if it works, I'll be completely happy... I would like to run A/V from my DirecTV box to a TV in both the living room and the kitchen. What I'm thinking is this:

    1. DirecTV HDMI out to a powered HDMI splitter in.

    2. Splitter HDMI out to surround sound receiver HDMI in
    2.1. Surround sound receiver HDMI out to TV HDMI in
    (This would supply both my living room TV with video and my surround sound with audio)

    3. Splitter HDMI out to TV in kitchen
    3.1. DirecTV optical digital audio out to sound bar optical digital audio in
    (In theory this should also supply my kitchen TV with video to the TV and audio to the sound bar)

    What I don't know is, will either the audio from the HDMI or the optical audio cable cancel out one or the other or would they both supply audio flawlessly at the same time?

    There is no audio out on the TV in the kitchen for me to even run standard cables to the sound bar from there so what I am trying to do is get the highest quality of audio/video to the kitchen as possible, if it's not I will settle for RCA cables (how it's hooked up now) and be done with it lol
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  2. dantefire

    dantefire The Force is strong with this Blip...


    So I don't own a Direct TV box, but the only way it wouldn't work is if that box can only output via one source at a time. As long as it outputs simultaneously you're fine. Sometimes devices with Optical Out will negate the sound signal from traveling via HDMI or RCA.
  3. BenJammin

    BenJammin Fantasy Football King

    See I was thinking it would negate it as well... guess it's just a question of this particular box will or not... thanks... I'll research the box then!
  4. Byter

    Byter Blissful Blip

    @BenJammin I believe you would need a HDMI splitter on DirecTV HDMI out and a HDMI to Optical converter in the Kitchen. I'd leave DirecTV Optical Out out of the equation.

    Very partial to ViewHD. Did you know that the signal out of a ViewHD HDMI splitter has no HDMI DRM (digital rights management)? Why with that and a video game capture card one could record DirecTV shows on a computer if one were so inclined.
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  5. MRSpivey

    MRSpivey Faith, Hope, & Love...

    My $0.02 worth: If it does work you may still have latency issues with one over the other... depending on conversion time. Additionally, you may or may not have polarization issues which could aurally cancel your audio. I think it comes down to trying it as seeing what you get.