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Goodbye. Nominations for new Moderator open

Discussion in 'Purely Social' started by ghost62, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    To characterize Bill's absence as 'non-caring' is, in my opinion, incorrect.
    He's taken great pains to insure that we have a home here.
    His priorities do, however, lie elsewhere.
    I'd love to believe that we are the center of his universe but that's not the case. The pressures that he faces IRL outweigh the concerns of our little corner.
    Still, we matter enough that he has steps to see it that when we sign on, we see that smiling yellow logo.
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  2. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Didn't mean to pressure you, as you know Bill much better than I do. Sorry if it came across that way. What I said was related to your saying things like, "He has not shared numbers with me. True, I would like a better idea of where we stand but he has chosen not to share that." As you said, it would be great for you and your successor to able to be responsible for the financial matters here, so I have to wonder why Bill retains the keys to any and all upper level admin matters if he has no interest in being here anymore, while matters at hand that are important to us are no priority to him.

    None of us want a scare about the forum closing every time a bill comes due. That has been an emotional rollercoaster. If you haven't been able to show him that you are capable of handling the higher level matters that you listed, then how are we supposed to with practically zero communication abilities for you, and maybe even less than you have for us? Do you see him ever relinquishing the keys to us?

    With respect to growing membership, the Vapers United Forum has 116 registered members; some of them suppliers and such, some of them members from here, and I have been considering sending all of them an email notice from VUF that VB is an active forum they might want to consider joining, except those that I know are already active here. I've also been inviting manufacturers and vendors when I win a contest or giveaway on ECF. Would you have me notify the VUF members now, or wait until you're gone?
  3. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Thanks for the clarification:thumb:
  4. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    Not ignoring you guys.
    I promise.
    Late last week a project that my wife and I have been working on for over a year got upended at the very last minute because a commissioner and three municipal judges can't agree on 'wording' in a grant proposal that took me over 7 months to write. They were completely fine with it up until it came time to issue the statement of endorsement. Now I've got to redo major portions of it and have it endorsed, submitted and have a funding commitment letter by next Thursday or we lose a facility that we entered into contract on based on the grant money. Another group has a bid on the property and will get it if we can't get a lock on the money.
    And the worst part is, their disagreements are political, not over the content or actual wording of the grant proposal.
    They're doing it to try to grab as much credit for it as possible.
    F'ing politics.

    If I haven't heard back from Bill by the time I get this wrapped up, I will call him.
    Hang in there.
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  5. daleron

    daleron Just a lurking Blip

    That’s terrible ghost! :(
    May the Spirit move in your favor.
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  6. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Oh my garsh @ghost62 That's just awful news to hear. Writing grants is a bitch to begin with. I wish you and your wife the best outcome. Whatever happens, don't give up. You know the saying, "When a door closes, a window opens up." I know you'll get the results you worked so hard for.

    Thx for checking in and please don't worry about "putting us on hold", we're fine:)...just doing our thing, hanging out and chillin, as always.
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  7. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Sorry for the late reply and that it's gotten so tuff with the schedule rushed. Good luck on both accounts, your grant proposal/funding commitment letter and Bill.
  8. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    Just a quick flyby today.
    God willing, I'll be able to get caught up on backreading and replies Friday.
    Saturday, I met with the candidate challenging our incumbent sheriff. He called me and asked if I'd be willing to sit down and talk.
    Turns out that the primary squeaky wheel in this whole mess is a judge that made 'promises' to get his position.
    Before I get ahead of myself- some background...
    Three years ago, Marion's only in-patient rehab facility was stripped of their certification and closed due to financial mismanagement and allegations over inappropriate relationships between staff and residents. Basically, they were using funds to pay personal expenses, give out perks and trading 'favors' from the residents for extra privileges.
    When they realized that people were catching on, they went on a smear campaign to deflect accusations and spent a boatload of money renovating the facility to cover the missing funds.
    It didn't work. The county stepped in, invoked eminent domain and took control of the physical grounds, closing the center and giving our sheriff the right to grant a 'fair use' lease to any organization that he deemed a benefit to the community (giving preference to programs that would address the drug problem). For political support, he traded his right to make that decision to members of the county commissioning board.
    Another backtrack. Bear with me.
    When the center closed, Marion's overdose death rate rose to the highest, per capita rate in the state. Despite the abuses taking place, the rehab did help keep down the numbers.
    We have 3 low-income, subsidized housing developments that are basically controlled by drug dealers from Detroit. The police don't even go there after dark. My meeting with the candidate for sheriff was cut short by a rolling shootout that lasted over 20 minutes.
    No arrests were made.
    I could spend hours explaining why but the short version is that our current law enforcement leadership is more concerned with saving face than doing their jobs.
    So, when the facility became available, my wife and I stated looking into what it would take to reopen it.
    She was already working in the recovery field as an LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor). I was a volunteer on the hospitals' lists of primary contacts when they brought in overdoses. They'd call me and I would visit with them in the ER because, as a recovering addict, I could both relate to them and offer hope. Besides, I was one of the few people willing to get up at 2am, 3am, whatever and come sit with 'another junkie' (as they called them).
    We submitted a proposal and began looking for grant funding sources independent of the county funds.
    VERY, VERY long story short- to meet the grant requirements, my wife got her LCDC2 certification, peer support certification, peer support and LCDC supervisor certifications and a bachelor's degree in social services. I attained all of those qualifications plus a bachelor's in psychology and a master's in social services administration.
    All the while, we were working full-time jobs, meeting with county commissioners, meeting with drug court judges, law enforcement, probation officers, prison officials, local business leaders, coordinating efforts with the recovery community, lining up service providers and recruiting staff.
    We had pro bono medical detox oversight lined up, legal assistance, had negotiated expedited case handling with Job and Family services, has a slew of industry experts to come in and teach parenting skills, financial management, budgeting, credit education, tax prep. We even worked out an arrangement with OSU to help with student loans and and grant applications. They offered placement assistance for graduates.
    FFS, I even had agreements in place with a local bakery to provide free items to the facility and deals in place with grocery stores to purchase items at a discounted rate. Three separate dietitians were on board to do meal planning and offer courses.

    Now, enter politics.

    Originally, the drug court, law enforcement, the county commissioners, recovery community, and our judges were completely on board. I had 3.5m in funding independent of public funds lined up when their conditions were met. We were approved for medicaid and insurance billing, had 3 years operating capital lined up, staff and volunteers, a program to to aid in the transition from prison to freedom in place.
    The problem?
    A newly appointed judge has convinced members of his political party that they can take credit for solving Marion's drug problem. He wants to control which courts see which dockets, how funds are distributed and have oversight on privately obtained funds.
    How is this possible?
    By controlling our 'fair use' lease.
    Without a consensus from all parties involved, I don't get the funding.
    The mother fucker is more concerned with credit and optics than saving lives and rebuilding families.
    And, get this, he wants 33% of the PRIVATE SECTOR funds I obtained to go for cultural re-education programs and diversity training!!!
    What the fuck does that have to with saving someone from addiction?
    Addiction doesn't care about party lines.
    A drug dealer doesn't ask your voter registration before shooting you between the eyes.
    Fentanyl doesn't give a shit how you voted.
    Does an overdose give two rat's asses about the color of your skin?
    And yet, one person, an appointed (not elected) judge is demanding credit and control to make his political masters look good regardless of the price that the people have to pay. He'd rather let people suffer and die and allow his political opposition a win.

    As moderator here, it's been my responsibility to remain as neutral as possible, to promote freedom of expression and to protect against attacks as a result of expressing that freedom.
    Far from being a single issue voter, I look at the broader picture and I'm troubled. I'm worried about what I see and have experienced.
    Our Constitutional freedoms are under attack. Benefit is being traded for political clout. Optics have taken the place of fact.
    Too many people believe, without question, what the nightly news tells them.
    The well-being and health of our families have taken a backseat to 'wins'.

    What I am experiencing is just a small, insignificant symptom of a greater cancer that has permeated our country.

    I'm rapidly losing that objectivity necessary to remain neutral.
    If I continue along these lines, I'll have to move my own posts to the 'Political Banter' threads.
    In fact, I think I'm headed there next.
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  9. tgcrna

    tgcrna Be good to yourself and kind to others...

    Wow, @ghost62 ! I'm really sorry for all you are going through. You and your wife have put in immense effort to help people and I can't imagine your disappointment and anger at having that snatched away from you by someone who wants political clout :( I really hope you come out on top in this fight!
  10. Glam

    Glam Technically challenged beach blip.

    :(:grr:Your post makes me so angry, @ghost62. Corrupt politics and politicians have taken over the very soul of this country, making a mockery of our constitution. I understand the anger so well. The nightly news....or mainstream media has indeed become the enemy of the people. I hope you keep up the good fight....Remember, never give up. :wub:
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  11. MRSpivey

    MRSpivey Faith, Hope, & Love...

    Just letting y’all know that I’m OK but I’m going to be scarce for a bit. Work/life has got really crazy. I’ll be here as much as I can.
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  12. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?


    What an ordeal to have to go through. I hope you are able to win and be able to get your so carefully and wonderfully organized plan in place to be able to help those people in need. Take whatever time you need because we are OK and should be for a while. IDK why I keep missing the notifications of new posts in this thread, but I'm here for you now.