GIVEAWAY!6 chances a day to win free vapes with simple clicks!

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    From Sep.16th-30th, Elegomall has prepared coupons and big prizes during the vape carnival, all you need to do is to visit and win ecigs with just a few simple clicks.


    Uwell Caliburn Pod System Kit
    Vaporesso LUXE-S 220W Starter Kit
    HorizonTech Magico Pod Kit
    OBS Land Pod Kit
    Smoant Pasito Pod System Kit


    Visit, enter the campaign page and make the clicks(each one gets 6 chances per day, 15 days in total)

    The lucky ones will receive their vapes within 2 weeks.

    elegomall giveaways.jpg

    Are you lucky enough to win these latest ecigs? Don’t forget to join us!
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    Elegomall Seriously Committed Vendor

    Hey guys our campaign page will launch on Sep.16th. Pls stay in tuned!