Geek Vape Aegis Legend Kit Review

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    This was sent to me from Geek Vape for review

    Retailing for $96.50

    I received this kit for review from @Geekvape_official Thank you!!

    I love this mod right out of the box……...yes it is a little heavy…. Because it is covered with a silicone rubber case….. That is what makes it “indestructible”....when it falls the mod will be protected…..I have however noticed that the silicone is a little loose at the top….(see photo)...

    It works like a champ…. Quick firing time…. It does however have a couple seconds delay when turning it on…..I didn’t really test it out to see about how waterproof it is (there’s enough videos out there already)…. But I did take it to the beach last weekend and there was some spray happening around me and it still worked just as expected….. YAY…..I plan to keep this one around for going to the waterfront this summer…. Actually I have been using is daily with my ADV…. The batteries last almost all day for me running about 50 W……

    The Agro tank:

    This tank is really nice…. I love the mesh coil…..and this is my first bubble glass tank…. I really like it…. It’s a top fill with a simple ¼ turn of the cap….. It has 2 wide openings for easy fill…. It’s a smooth vape (with my usual cotton candy max VG).....It fits perfectly on the Aegis mod with room to spare….

    The Aegis Mod…..

    It’s an excellent mod with all the bells & whistles we have all come to expect…. It works perfectly and even seems to read the coils accurately…..


    Kit Comes with:

    1 Aegis Legend (IP67) Mod

    1 Aero tank ( 5 ml bubble glass & .20 coil installed)

    2 coils (.15 & .20)

    1 spare glass (4 ml straight glass)

    1 bag of spare silicone parts

    1 bag spare screws & USB cover

    1 Warranty card

    1 Warning card

    1 AD card for other colors/styles

    1 Instruction Booklet


    Indestructible......well made, shape & design are comfortable to button is easy to find....I love the silicone cover inside the tank....Easy to use & fill....


    The battery door is tight for the first few times....but I guess it has to be to not allow water inside..

    The charging cable is really hard to get in there just right.....thus making it hard to charge the batteries either way......

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. muth

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    What is the difference between the first Aegis and this one? Does it take "all the batteries"?
  3. Blue1

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    Just 2 18650's........ and I think the main difference is the watts.....100 vs 200.....