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  1. muth

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    Hi everyone. I'm asking if you would like to sign a petition banning pesticides that are killing off our bees when there are safer alternatives already on the market. After signing, they will ask for a donation, of course, but don't feel obligated. If you do want to support financially I've researched the organization and they get the highest rating from Charity Navigator.

    Thank you:) [​IMG]
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  2. TheWestPole

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    Thanks. Done.
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  3. dubya

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    Done ;)
  4. muth

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    Thx, guys. You're the best;)
  5. Blue1

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    Thanks for caring Karen...
  6. Lisa66

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    Just saw this. Such an effect on our economy, our diets, and the prices we pay for food. Thanks for posting this.
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  7. SteveS45

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    Signed and this is something that is necessary because Bees pollinate the flowers that make fruits and vegetables grow along with many other useful purposes.
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