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Freemax Official Vape Shop Online Launched Now

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Freemaxvape, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

    The Freemax Fireluke 22 Mesh Coils for Fireluke 22 Tank are equipped with military grade SS904L mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton formula. It’s compatible with both freebase as well as salt nicotine e-liquids for both DTL and MTL vaping needs.


    Here comes three types of mesh coils that are compatible with Fireluke 22, so what’s the best wattage for different Fireluke 22 vape coils suggested?

    Freemax DTL Mesh Coil 0.5ohm 15-30W Best 25W
    Compatible with: Freebase 3-6MG

    Freemax MTL Mesh Coil 1.0ohm 10-15W Best 12.5W
    Compatible with: Freebase 6-12MG; Nic Salt 20-50MG, best 30MG

    Freemax MTL Mesh Coil 1.5ohm 8-12W Best 10W
    Compatible Freebase 6-18MG; Nic Salt 20-50MG, best 50MG
  2. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

    You must need Freemax NS Mesh Replacement Coils If you have one Maxpod Kit in hand. NS Mesh Coils has two types available: 1.0ohm and 1.5ohm, which are customized to meet your distinct demands for both nic salt and freebase e-liquid. Now these vape coils are in stock on Freemax official online vape store. If the order is over $40, you can enjoy the free shipment.


    Different NS Mesh Coils can meet your different needs below:
    NS Mesh Coil 1.0ohm (Output: 11W)
    66.66% Flax Cotton & 33.34% Organic Cotton
    Nic Salt (Best 20-30mg) & Freebase Eliquids (Best 3-12mg)
    Focus on Flavor & Vapor

    NS Mesh Coil 1.5ohm (Output: 8W)
    44.44% Flax Cotton & 55.56% Organic Cotton
    Nic Salt (Best 30-50mg) & Freebase Eliquids (Best 12-24mg)
    Focus on Nicotine Intake & Throat Hit
    Tobacco Flavor Highly Recommended

    Order one now: https://www.freemaxvape.com/product/ns-mesh-coil
  3. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

    There are three Freemax vape pens for options: new Twister 30W kit, Twister 80W and Gemm 80W, so which one do you like best? They are best vape pen kits that should be on your shopping list.


    Now let’s show you some highlight features about them below:

    Freemax Twister 30W: It features child-proof top fill design and leak-proof mechanism, with 0.5ohm DTL Mesh Coil and 1.0ohm & 1.5ohm MTL Mesh Coil available. A simple twist of the base and you can easily switch the output wattage from 7.5W to 30W.

    Freemax Twister 80W: It comes with the patented 90% Tea Fiber cotton and 10% cotton formula for updated TX1 TX2 TNX2 TX3 and TX4 Mesh Coil options. It’s so simple to twist the base to adjust wattage from 5W to 80W.

    Freemax Gemm 80W: It consists of GEMM 80W 3-level adjustable wattage 2900mAh built-in battery tube mod and GEMM Disposable Mesh Tank with multiple G1/G2/G3/G4 built-in tea fiber cotton diamond mesh coils. Freemax GEMM Tank is capable of supporting 30 to 40 tanks for longer life span.

    If you want to know more details about them, please enter Freemax official website.
  4. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

    Freemax has recently released different styles of vape starter kits, such as pod system, pod mod and vape pen. Different styles with different built-in battery capacity meet your different needs. So which kind of new Freemax vape devices do you like best, Freemax Twister 30W, Autopod50 or Maxpod Kit?


    Different new Freemax vape kits with different battery capacity introduction below:

    Freemax Twister 30W: It is powered by a 1400mAh built-in battery with 1.5A fast charging, providing an all day going power and 80 minutes charging time for maximum.

    Freemax Autopod50: It utilizes REAL 2000mAh inner battery. With Type C and 2A Fast Charging function, it only takes 30 minutes to charge from 1% to 50% and 80 minutes from 1% to 100%. This best pod mod will always has the power you need for a full day's use.

    Freemax Maxpod Kit: Powered by 550mAh built-in battery and 3.3V constant output, the Freemax Maxpod offers you strong and stable performance from the first to the last vape with 200 puffs per fill.

    So which one will you prefer? More details about them, please visit Freemax official website.
  5. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

  6. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

    Now here comes the third round to win Freemax gold Maxus 100W limited edition. There are only 29 sets globally limited. If you love Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank, the Maxus 100W with Fireluke 3 will be also you best choice. So do you want to get one golden Maxus 100W Kit? Just seize this only chance.


    How to enter this activity?
    1. Social media topic - Enter more channels to win golden Maxus 100W on many platforms
    2. Lucky spin - You may get Freemax golden Maxus 100W and some coupons
    3. Giveaway activity- There are 6 ways to enter for winning Maxus 100W limited Version
    4. Get one coupon for 20% price off to order Maxus 100W Kit - coupon code: NY3S2NS2

    The valid time of this activity is from 11th, Sep to 18th, Sep. Just click here to enter more ways for winning Maxus 100W limited version>>https://www.freemaxvape.com/gold-maxus-100w-limited-edition
  7. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

    Fireluke 3 Tank by Freemax is the upgraded version of Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank, which is originally paired with Freemax Maxus100W Kit. Many vapers love Fireluke 2, so how about Fireluke 3? Today let’s find some similarities and difference between these two sub ohm tanks below.


    Both adopts the slide-to-open top refill design.
    The mesh Coils for both tanks utilize the tea fiber cotton for good flavor.
    The mesh coils for both tanks can be compatible with each other’s tank.

    Fireluke 3 Tank is equipped with military grade SS904L mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton formula, however, Fireluke 2 has the patented 90% Tea Fiber cotton and 10% cotton formula.

    Fireluke 3 comes with Freemax 904L X1, X2,X3 and X4 Mesh Coils , and Fireluke 2 Tank has TX1, TX2, TNX2, TX3 and TX4 Mesh Coils available.

    Fireluke 3 Vape Tank is designed with three steel balls into the top cap to increase friction this time.

    This time, Fireluke 3 by Freemax also features stylish Honeycomb glass, which makes it so unique among all the other tanks.

    So can you find any other difference between Freemax Fireluke 3 and Fireluke 2 Sub Ohm Tank? Welcome to leave your comment below.
  8. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

    As we all know, 904L M Mesh Coils are designed for new Freemax M Pro 2 Tank, and M Pro Mesh Coils are for M Pro Tank. However, 904L M Mesh and M Pro Mesh can be compatible with each other’s sub ohm tank. And can you find any difference between the two kinds of mesh coils?


    904L M Mesh Coils Introduction:
    M Pro 2 Tank adopts FM Coiltech 4.0 with military grade SS904L mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton formula (95% Tea Fiber Cotton plus 5% Organic Cotton), providing users with the best vaping experience which is even better than all the best sub ohm tanks in the market.

    Freemax 904L M Mesh Coils have Freemax 904L M1, M2,M3,M4 and M5 Mesh Coils available.

    M Pro Mesh Coil Introduction:
    Freemax M Pro applies the Freemax patented cotton formula, which is 90% Flax Cotton Fiber and 10% Cotton Fiber, this is the reason why the Freemax Multiple Mesh Coils have an average lifespan of about 2-3 weeks.

    There are single/double/triple/quad/ quintuple mesh coils compatible with M Pro Tank.
  9. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

    Freemax Twister 30W Kits are in stock on Freemax official vape store now. It’s one of the best vape pens to meet you both DTL and MTL vaping needs with 0.5ohm DTL Mesh Coil and 1.0ohm & 1.5ohm MTL Mesh Coil available. You just need to twister the base to easily switch the output wattage from 7.5W to 30W. The child-proof top fill design and leak-proof mechanism is also added to Fireluke 22 tank for convenience and safety.


    So have you fallen in love with Freemax Twister 30W? Compared to Twister 80W, which one is a better choice? Now you can enjoy free shipment if the order is over $40. You can also have the chance to get some coupons if you enter Freemax big vape activity>> https://www.freemaxvape.com/gold-maxus-100w-limited-edition.

    Order Freemax Twister 30W Kit here>>https://www.freemaxvape.com/product/twister-30w-kit
  10. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

    Have you got one Freemax Maxpod Kit? One highlight feature of 99% flavor categories compatible can urge me to buy one, so how about you? Maxpod kit comes with two kinds of vape coils available: NS Mesh Coil 1.0ohm and 1.5ohm.


    Now let me recommend you what’s the best content of Nic Salt and and Freebase E-liquid for different NS Mesh Coil?

    1. NS Mesh Coil 1.0ohm for Nic Salt (Best 20-30mg) & Freebase E-liquid (Best 3-12mg), you can easily have the same flavor and right amount of vapor just like the mesh coils in Freemax sub ohm tanks;

    2. NS Mesh Coil 1.5ohm for Nic Salt (Best 30-50mg) & Freebase E-liquid (Best 12-24mg), you can easily notice the difference of nicotine satisfaction and throat hit with the first few vapes;

    3. The compatible VG/PG Ratio of NS Mesh Coil for Nic Salt e-liquid varies from 5:5 to 4:6 to 6:4 while Freebase e-liquid from 7:3 to 8:2 to 6:4, which means Freemax Maxpod matches 99% of flavor categories in the market;

    4. 5-8 Refills for each NS Mesh Coil, considering nic content and VG/PG ratios.
  11. Freemaxvape

    Freemaxvape Dedicated Poster

    What kind of new sub ohm vape tank are you looking for now? Today I will recommend you Freemax Fireluke 22 Sub Ohm Tank, originally paired with Freemax Twister 30W Kit. So what main features make Fireluke 22 outstanding in the vape market?


    1. The Fireluke 22 Tank utilizes Freemax COILTECH 4.0 with SS904L Mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton formula.

    2. With 0.5ohm DTL Mesh Coil and 1.0ohm & 1.5ohm MTL Mesh Coil, it’s compatible with both freebase as well as salt nicotine e-liquids for both DTL and MTL vaping needs.

    3. The child-proof top fill design and leak-proof mechanism is also added to this sub ohm tank for convenience and safety.

    So do you want to buy one? Now the Freemax Fireluke 22 are in stock on Freemax online vape store. Click here to buy one>> https://www.freemaxvape.com/product/fireluke-22-tank