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FIRST LOOK: OVNS Brick Pod System Kit, OVNS Vape-X Pod System Vape Kit| intellengent one for starter

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Elegomall, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Elegomall

    Elegomall Seriously Committed Vendor

    FIRST LOOK: OVNS Brick Pod System Kit, OVNS Vape-X Pod System Vape Kit| intellengent one for starters!

    Hey folks,
    Here is a hot release pod system vape kit for you!
    Portable, well designed device on-the-go!

    OVNS Brick Pod System Kit

    Despite the portable palm size as it seems, OVNS Brick Pod System Kit includes multiple functions for users. When working under different voltage, different light colors will tell you voltage range you are at, therefore provides you better flavor under various output.


    Some information you may look at:

    Resistance: 1 8ohm
    Pod Capacity: 0.5ml
    Battery Capacity: 255mah
    Product Size: 108 * 15.5 * 7.5mm
    Output Wattage: 4.05-7.2W
    Working Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
    Charging Current: 500mah
    Variable Voltage: 2.7V, 3.1V, 3.6V

    Pre-heating Mode

    Ths device start preheating after pressing button 2 times continuously; after 15 seconds, it enters standby mode; Press button once, preheating shut down.

    Three Voltage Adjustment

    Pressing button 3 times continuously, it change to different voltage; White LED flashes is 2.7V output; White& Red flashes is 3.1V output; Red flashes is 3.6V output.

    Low Battery Indication

    If battery is out of power. LED light flashes 15 times.

    Charging Instructions

    When fully charged, red LED is OFF, while white LED keeps ON.
    OVNS Vape-X Pod System Vape Kit

    OVNS Vape-X Pod System Vape Kit is a fashion and palm size device with easy access. Looks like iPod by appearance, it comes with the built-in 500mah Vape-X battery and the 1.5ml capacity PODS. Besides, the intelligent LED indicator will tell you the battery remaining power and different battery voltage in clear way. When Vape-x kit are working under sleeping mode, it will save power therefore supports longer time usage. It also includes the bypass mode to guarantee the safe vaping.


    Packing list:

    1 x Vape-X 500mah Battery
    2 x Vape-X 1.5ml PODS
    1 X USB Cable
    1 X User Manual

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