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    Does anyone out there use essential oils? I guess that subject would fit under the heading of aromatherapy, since scent of the oils plays a big part in healing, as well as, applying them topically, diffusing them and taking them internally. Of course, you don't do all those things with every oil.

    I am currently detoxing from lead poisoning, and getting off of all my medications. I used to be on 23 meds (I know, a lot!), but am now down to 10. I am having to wean off the rest. The oils are helping with the side effects of the medicines and with the detox. I get frequent migraines - almost one an hour and I have been using the oils to stop the headaches. They really work!
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    I have a few peppermint headache inhalers. Also one with ginger and orange for nausea.
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    Have heard good things about them but have never been a big fan of putting things on my skin. Not real happy about my pain docs decision to have me try some sort of custom prescription pain salve...

    Anyhow, I was always under the impression that essential oils were a big part of aromatherapy and would just sort of fit here, but I'll update the forum title to make that more clear.