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e jucie new person with questions.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by keyman550, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. keyman550

    keyman550 Active Member

    I want to start making my own juice because money is a factor around here, I did crunch some numbers last night as I was up all night. I based the calculations on what I found on rtsvapes.com web site.
    1 US Gallon vg = $20.00 this will make 126 30 ml bottles @ $0.15 each.
    then using v-ecigs.com e-juice-calculator ( I dont use windows ) then picking random favours to add in there.
    a 30ml bottle came out under $2.00 .

    I now use 60ml ( two 30 ml bottles ) a week to vape one that's costing me $35.00 a week.

    Ok so now bad is my thinking on this? ( and yes there WILL be more question. )

    Oh and yes the calculator did show how much of each I use and how much it cost.

  2. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Hi Key. :)

    Welcome to Vaping Blips. :thumb:

    I've been using DIY with 100% VG for about 2.5 years. I'd be glad to help in any way that I can. Some of this stuff is more easily handled on the phone. If you'd like to talk rather than type, send me a PM and I'll give you my phone number.

    I use an online e-liquid calculator that I love, but it's a different one. You can mix up to 10 flavorings with it.

    Last edited: Sep 9, 2015
  3. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    there is no doubt that you can save tons of money making your own juice. the secret is making stuff you will like and want to vape. i have given it a try a few times with mixed results, and i figured it cost me somewhere around a nickel per ml. compare that to what you are spending now per ml, and it's a big savings.

    i am sure someone with experience like @100%VG can help you lots more than i could, plus he's a really nice guy. :) good luck with your project!
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  4. Roguexx

    Roguexx blippy blipperson

    I can help too if you have Android check out e juice lab app. Its a dollar it's what I use
  5. Wuzznt Me

    Wuzznt Me Native Florida Cracker

    Do you need to add nic to that? That gallon of vg sounds like 0 nic. Or did I miss something? It's still a whole bunch cheaper to diy.
  6. keyman550

    keyman550 Active Member

    @100%VG : Thanks I'll keep that in mind as yep you may get a call.

    @keli : thanks and always lovely to see you.

    @Roguexx : Thanks al help wanted and needed.

    @Wuzznt Me : yes 0 nic. but nothing has been bought as of yet.

    First i should say this is all very very new to me and I will take it slow and make sure of what I'm doing and what's needs to be done, before I even crack a top.
    I know some say just jump in and get your feet wet and ask questions later. nope that not for me.

    yes all help is wanted and read. was my calculations correct in my thinking?
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  7. Wuzznt Me

    Wuzznt Me Native Florida Cracker

    Close enough. The variables would be minor stuff like what flavors and what percentage you add. There are a few misc. supplies to buy like bottles and measuring devices but it's still a really huge savings. I hope to get down to 0 nic one day and still vape just for the hand habit and flavors. My stuff tastes really good to me and I'm not stuck with any one flavor. Lots of advantages all the way around. Good luck.
  8. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Any time!

    I agree with Wuzz and the others. There are some things you'll want to know first, but there's really not that much to it. What you need are supplies for mixing, like Wuzz said, but not really all that much. A 10ml Cylinder, a 50ml Cylinder, and a 100ml Beaker are what I use (all of them clear pyrex glass). And some blue Cobalt or brownish Amber glass storage bottles of various sizes. The Cobalt bottles are better than Amber because it is better at blocking UV Rays. Oh yeah, and some glass eyedropper bottles, in Cobalt or Amber. I recommend glass because I have found that any plastic will taint the color and flavor of USP, Nic, and any mixed juice, and do it rather quickly.

    If you will be mixing small batches like 10-15ml, you'll also want some Syringes for the flavorings, to meter them out in small percentages. Don't expect to find a syringe needle that will work with 100% VG USP or 100% VG nicotine, as 100% VG is too thick. I use the 10ml Cylinder for this.

    If you will be mixing in any nicotine, the nicotine will be the major expense. It is cheaper in bulk, like the USP VG, but the cost of a liter can get up there a bit, depending on brand (and therefore quality), the amount, and the mg/ml level you buy. Nic is available in 24mg/ml, 36mg/ml (what I get), 48mg/ml, and 100mg/ml.

    Danger, Will Robinson!!! 100mg/ml is the most dangerous to work with, because it is so concentrated, and it costs the most. Again, I like and use 36mg/ml because I feel that it is safe to work with. I suggest you stay away from anything above 36mg/ml nicotine until you are much more experienced!!!
  9. Glam

    Glam Technically challenged beach blip.

    I am a lazy mixologist....I buy the vg/pg already premixed with nic added. You can get it in any combination of the three that you want. Then I just add 1 drop of flavoring per ml. A bit more expensive, but no extra tools/items needed, and it is as easy as can be, and still much cheaper than buying juice. That being said...I have not made anything I like as well as my favorite vendor's juice, so I wait for great sales and still vape that the most.
  10. keyman550

    keyman550 Active Member

    @Glam where do you get the pre mix from? might be a way to start.
  11. Glam

    Glam Technically challenged beach blip.

    @keyman550..... from Nude Nicotine. :) Clean and clear.

    I think ecig express also carries it, but I have not used theirs.
  12. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?


    Nude Nicotine is supposed to be one of the cleanest tasting nicotine brands you can get! :thumb:

    Thanks, @Glam :wub:
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  13. keyman550

    keyman550 Active Member

    Thanks for the info guys.
    But it seems I've stepped on some toes around here. SO I'm going to take some time away from here and let people cool off.
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  14. Pauly Walnuts

    Pauly Walnuts More than a blip!

    I may be a week too late, but I wanted to chime in.
    Dont overthink your costs because even if you buy all your supplies in 'non bulk' you will save a fuck ton of money, if you have a mixing strategy. Your strategy should include a couple recipes with around 15 flavors that are tried and true, well reviewed and commonly available.
    Start with common flavoring companies, such as the flavor apprentice and flavourart.
    Dont buy on a whim, ask questions to people who know.
    For example, say you want to make a strawberry cream. Plenty of people can guide you to the flavors you need. But you also want to make a vanilla custard, some flavors may overlap. Oh, you want to make cinnamon sugar cookies too, many flavors for all three will overlap.
    Recipe engines contain some good recipes and some terrible ones. Its impossible to know the difference when you start out, even with reviews. Ive tried some pretty mediocre recipes with great reviews.

    If you need any help, send me a PM and Ill give you as much help as I can.
  15. Pauly Walnuts

    Pauly Walnuts More than a blip!

    Whos toes? Whos mad and why? Unless your getting shady PMs I dont see any hot heads in this thread.
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