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Don't Buy These Products,I Remind You!

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Ame, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Ame

    Ame Dedicated Poster Vendor

    Hi boys and girls,
    This is efun.top again, I hope you guys all are well. Now I will introduce three excellent tanks to you, I should remind you, please pay attention, if you love these items, it is hard for you to choose other tanks, because they are so attractive. Now let’s go!

    1, Cthulhu MTL MRDA(It comes with health and enjoy )
    I have recommended the item to you guys, because it is a unique product not only from the shape but also from the performance. Designed for mouth to lung and restricted lung hit vapers, which can give you more health and extreme vaping experience. Besides, MTL RDA comes with adjustable in and out airflow by 3 air holes on the top cap which directly flow to the bottom coil, from which you can use it more easily. It is a good choice for the beginner.

    2,OBS Crius II (Cool for you)
    When I see the item, I said:”Wo, so cool!” This is a characteristic tank, right? It is a 25mm tank with brand new designed deck for single coil, and the black piece on top of post was made from high tech Zirconia, which is the best heat resistant material. And it can not make a pollution.
    Please join the givaway on efun.top>>OBS Crius II

    3.Vandy Vape Berserker MTL

    Berserker MTL RTA is the latest mouth-to-lung tank atomizer from Vandy Vape. Of course, it have a unique feature which makes it different from other two item. It’s changeable capacity from 2.0ml to 4.5ml, multiple sizes of airholes, etc. The airholes comes with 5 sizes, 0.1mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, and 1.6mm, making it possible to experience a real cigarette tightening.
    Please remember there is a giveaway on efun.top, please win it for free>>Vandy Vape Berserker MTL

    I will introduce more items to you, please look forward to more new items on efun.top.
  2. Ame

    Ame Dedicated Poster Vendor

  3. DuckysVapeReviews

    DuckysVapeReviews Seriously Committed

    Hey, when you get a Ohmega Alpha BFT for less than $20 PLZ msg me.
  4. Ame

    Ame Dedicated Poster Vendor

    Ok, if we have the item on our site, I will tell you as soon as possible, thank you very much.