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Do not buy from......

Discussion in 'Buyer Beware' started by Karebear, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Karebear

    Karebear New Member

    I bought 3 sets of "sony vct5" from Gypsy Vapes. When I got them they were all fake, several of them would not hold a charge and the others would not hold the charge for very long. For the past 3 days I have emailed and called them, no answer or return from them at all.
  2. dr3d

    dr3d biker blip

    Just jumping in to disassociate myself from Gypsy Vapes. Gypsy MC does not sell vape gear or batteries ... we are a legitimate club.

    While I'm here, I will recommend http://liionwholesale.com/ for your battery needs. I'm not affiliated with them either, but I do trust them as a competitively priced battery supplier.
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  3. Karebear

    Karebear New Member

    cool, thanks