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Deleting Drafts - Getting rid of the 10,000 character error message

Discussion in 'Forum Tips and Tricks' started by 100%VG, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. 100%VG

    100%VG Did something go Blip?

    Hello, Everyone. :)

    I just found something that might clear that 10,000 character error message. While I have not had this error myself, I know of others who have. I shared this information with them today. Please try it if you get that message again. I told IMI about it in a PM and he said to post it here. If you find that this works, you can tell him about it (with the @InMyImage thing) and then he can post it in a Sticky or something.

    I made a Test in the Reply area to see how it would look if I posted it, but I did not want to actually post it. I used the feature in the Reply area that flips between the BB Code Editor and the Rich Text Editor to see how it would look if I posted it. I deleted it, but every time I refreshed the page it was still there. So I started looking at the Reply Toolbar to see if there was something like the Back-Arrow that might help get rid of it. I did!



    I hope you find this helpful for clearing the 10,000 character error message. If you do, please let Bill know about it.

    VG :)
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