Classical or Rock Stars?

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  1. Sambuca

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    i perused the other topic. i would make, not only the claim in the title, but would extend to: folks like Paganini and Liszt were "Robert Johnson" before Robert Johnson! both were accused of "playing like the devil!"

    I mean Liszt boring??? nothing boring about him:

    sorry, you know who, about the "toy piano" :p

    Valentina Lisitsa plays alot of Liszt. i like how she just promoted herself into notice on youboob. not to mention, that she wanted to give up in the 90's and just play chess! ok, that might seem boring, unless you're a chess player.

    here's a few wild tunes:

    you might not like it, that isn't required, but it isn't boring! ;)

    you may now return to being programmed. :rolleyes:
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  2. muth

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    Hi sambuca. Great to see you again!
  3. Sambuca

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    hi Muth! always nice to see you!

    btw, Paganini played guitar, though he is most noted for his violin playing. if Liszt played guitar, and the 2 got together, it would have been similar to these:

  4. Sambuca

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    not to mention, that sometimes "rock" stars play classical music. here Steve Howe playing Vivaldi:

    here, Steve adds some classical music to his 2 most popular songs:

    and here, Steve turns the last song from Relayer into a hauntingly beautiful classic:

  5. Sambuca

    Sambuca New Member

    Rick Wakeman, could be considered a "Liszt" of today:

  6. neojuice

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    Hi Sambuca, I'm neojuice. Thank you for starting a music thread with a theme to it. Please post all you can and expound on all of your ideas! I'll watch your vids.
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  7. Cruel-Phate

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    Hi Sambuca..."I have not seen you around for a while, good to see you here dude :)
  8. Sambuca

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    Hi neojuice!

    i understand how folks grow up hating "classical" music, we all did, but many of the musicians we heard in the 60's and 70's were influenced by it. Beethoven and Mozart, however, were the "rock stars" of their day! and Liszt and Paganini, well, both were accused have having sold their souls to the devil, in order to be able to play as well as they could, hence my "Robert Johnson before Robert Johnson" comparison. when i see Jimmy Page, i think Paganini! not that he sounds like him, but that he took his instrument to the limit!

    and Chick Corea, well, talk about an influence! he got me into Monk, and he could play fusion, acoustic, instrumental or add the beautiful voices of Flora Purim or Gayle Moran and it all sounded great! Al Dimeola and Steve Howe both combined elements of classical music to their acoustic guitar playing. first time i saw Steve's "To Be Over", i had to stop the tape. i was in tears. i could not believe how he managed to combine the keyboard and guitar part and then try to fit the voices in there! it was amazing!

    i think we do ourselves a dis-service, by "poohing" classical music. there are many forms and styles and a lot of it is floating around in our favorite tunes.

    i heard some Wakeman in the piece, too! i remember the first time i saw Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco De Lucia on USA tv. wow! and it serves as a great intro to Paco De Lucia! what a guitar player! and they played 2 Chick tunes!

    i like it when musicians have the guts to wear their influences on their sleeve. i'm a Todd Rundgren fan, and he grew up listening to show tunes. Gilbert and Sullivan were a huge influence on him. and Todd, being Todd, put some G&S on his records! and not easy ones, either:

    i think it's a shame the way corporations have destroyed variety in music. you have to explore music, not "listen to what folks think is cool". there is a ton of "cool" stuff out there!
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  9. neojuice

    neojuice PiL b

    Tremendous! I'm expecting a 100+ vid multi week roll out of all that you've got! Thanks so much Sambuca! Can you continue at your own personal pace with a full conceptual roll out (the more in depth and detailed commentary and vids the better!) of everything that you believe and know about all this? I'm mesmerized . . .:) We want the whole thesis!

    Some of your vids are blocked from sharing.

    Maybe you could upload a whole bunch of stuff that you like. I've watched all of your videos that will play and I can't get enough. Chances are, that if you're passionate about your music that this will come out and all the people will be able to share your eargasms!

    If you go to more options and preview your post you can see if it's blocked I think. Something like that.
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  10. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    i can attest to the fact that sam does definitely know his stuff. ;)
  11. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    classical rock stars in their own right....

  12. neojuice

    neojuice PiL b

    Wow guys I really like this thread.
  13. moecat

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    From Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto, 2nd movement:
  14. kelli

    kelli The original blip

    some music snobs dismiss this kind of thing as "pop" classical, but i find pleasure and relaxation in listening to it......and really, if you like something, who cares?

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  15. neojuice

    neojuice PiL b

  16. Sambuca

    Sambuca New Member

    that was really cool, kelli! and btw, no one has ever, well, since charles laquidaira of wbcn, introduced to me to such remarkable music as you have! and i'm very resistant to other people's music. but you have the soul of a poet and you find stuff with lyrics that blow me away! knew that! ;)

    that made think about the first time i heard jaco pastorius. definitely a "wtf?!" moment!

  17. moecat

    moecat No sodding blips to give

    O Sole Mio
  18. Sambuca

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    sshhh! i'm working...

    i mentioned chick, as did neojuice. these two songs combine fusion (Chick/music) with "classy" vocals. this was mindblowing when it came out and still is:

    this is a wee bit more orchestral, but Gayle's voice is just breathtaking (on both)!

  19. Sambuca

    Sambuca New Member

    lol! roll over Beethoven and go get Tchaikovsky! i woke up from a nap, courtesy of Beijing Guitar Duo's Bach to Tan Dun, and i was looking for some clips and stumbled upon this. i told you Paganini was a guitar player! check this out, tell it it doesn't scream "Chet Atkins" in places:

    here's live version, kind of out of sink, but i was watching her left hand it hit me, Eddie Van Halen! lol!

  20. Sambuca

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    Robert Johnson B4 Robert Johnson, the Proof!


    Poor Paganini! Here's some funny bits from that article:

    Paganini was considered a genius, a god, a devil worshiper, anything but that of reality. There was a rumor, for instance, that when Niccolo was only six, his mother made a pact with the Devil and is said to have traded his soul for a career as the greatest violinist in the world.
    Besides his superb technical ability, his cadaverous appearance led to myths of all sorts. He was tall and thin, had a long nose, a pale and long-drawn face with hollow cheeks, thin lips that seemed to curl into a sardonic smile, and piercing eyes like flaming coals. The rumor was spread that he was the son of the Devil. It was difficult to think much otherwise as Paganini dressed in black, played weaving and flailing, with skinny fingers cavorting over the strings, and contorted shoulders giving him the appearance of a giant flapping bat. Paganini's every movement and every tone emanating from his violin seemed to support the 300-year-old myth that the violin was the "Devil's consort" and that the violinist himself was the Devil. Some people, when in his presence, would actually make the sign of the cross to rid themselves of what they believed were his evil powers. He was once forced to publish letters from his mother to prove he had human parents. :p

    see? i wasn't lying! and if you read the article, it says: Through his numerous performances all over Europe, he enthralled and inspired every audience, including musicians of his era. not to mention: Paganini was a legend. In fact, he was so amazing no audience could succumb to any type of disturbance during the trance he created through his musical renditions.

    dude was a rock star! and it should bring other comparisons with Jimmy Page, if you know about Aleister Crowley. ;)

    i posted some Paganini guitar in the last post, so i want to post more Todd Rundgren, (once accused of being the antichrist himself!) doing more Gilbert and Sullivan: