Cherry Bomber Style Bottom Feeder, $27 at Focalecig

Discussion in 'Unregulated Mech Mods' started by TheWestPole, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. TheWestPole

    TheWestPole A hit on Mr. Mitty

  2. Cruel-Phate

    Cruel-Phate Bronco blip!

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  3. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    This is tempting since I'm really diggin the BF that I have, now. Mine's light as a feather, though.
    I forgot to tell you that once I took that included, horrible atty off and switched to the BF Velocity it hits much harder. But it will never hit as hard as a Cherry Bomber. I wish they could somehow fit a bottle between two 18650s. (Am I giving you any ideas?;)) Heck, they make triple 18650 mods.
  4. TheWestPole

    TheWestPole A hit on Mr. Mitty

    You did tell me @muth. So you resolved that the main hangup was in the 510 contact. There's no reason that even a crap design can be made to hit fully if you're really willing to get up in its business.

    Looks like I will be overhauling my Abaddon now. I love the shape, small size and lightness, but hard hits are still inconsistent and require too much button force. It will get a spring loaded 510 and a single positive wire to solve it.