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California SB 793 Flavor Ban

Discussion in 'Advocacy and Legislation' started by VaporEmpire, Aug 17, 2020.


What are the Odds Gavin Newsom Will Sign the Bill?

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  4. Without a Doubt

  1. VaporEmpire

    VaporEmpire New Member

    California senator Jerry Hill is the main author for the Senate Bill No. 793 which adds onto the existing (STAKE) Stop Tobacco Access to Kids Enforcement Act. This law, "...prohibits a person from selling or otherwise furnishing tobacco products, as defined, to a person 21 years of age.

    No one wants the youth to start vaping, it is a cure for the currently nicotine addicted populous to ditch traditional combustible cigarettes. So originally, the STAKE act was a good thing because it made bad people selling adult products to young people a crime.

    Jerry Hill among about 20 co-authors decided the STAKE act wasn't good enough, and the only way to stop youth from getting access (illegally) to e-cigarettes was to ban them almost entirely. SB 793 would prohibit a tobacco retail store fronts, from selling or possessing with intent to sell, any flavored or flavor enhancing tobacco products.

    Something interesting to note is when Jerry Hill published a news release on August 4th, the title of the article associated the ban as a win towards fixing the COVID-19 pandemic. The title is, "Landmark Legislation to Protect Public Health Amid COVID-19 Resurgence Passes Asm. Health Committee". The question of e-cigarettes being linked with elevated symptoms of COVID has been debunked numerous times, but still our congressmen and congresswomen feel inclined that studies are wrong.

    Read more here: https://vaporempire.com/sb-793-passes-assembly