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Apple Jacks CBD E-Liquid by PA Botanicals

Discussion in 'On-Line Vendors and B&M's' started by PABotanicals, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. PABotanicals

    PABotanicals New Member

    Iconic flavor! Our Apple Jacks CBD E-liquid will put you in the mood for a big bowl of cereal right before bed!
    applejacks cbd e liquid.jpg

    Our Signature Gold CBD contains the highest quality Hemp Oil available anywhere. Derived from industrial hemp, there are only trace amounts of THC(<.1mg) [Some content deleted by InMyImage]
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  2. PABotanicals

    PABotanicals New Member

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  3. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    So, is it also effective as a topical oil for sore joints?
  4. Shark Vape

    Shark Vape Expert parker...

    I find this claim to be highly questionable.
  5. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    And therefore tempting;):laugh:
  6. muth

    muth More than a poop!

    Although, when someone claims to have an opium flavor juice, I'll really be suspicious.
  7. Shark Vape

    Shark Vape Expert parker...

    Good girls are just bad girls who didn't get caught. :)
  8. InMyImage

    InMyImage Geeky blip :) Staff Member

    @PABotanicals please do not make claims that CBD is legal in all 50 states because it is inaccurate and can lead to legal problems by anyone who uses it in a state where it has not been approved for use. This is especially of concern in cases where parents unknowingly attempt to treat their children with a substance classified as a Class I narcotic that has not been legalized for use by adults or children in their state which can result all children in their household being removed from the home by Child Protective Services (or equivalent) and the parents facing jail time and fines.