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A Little Bit About Mixing

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Simply Red, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Simply Red

    Simply Red Coiler and DIYer

    In the DIY Basics thread, I mentioned two different calculators, out of the many, that are available. Let's go over those just a little bit.

    First, the "Ejuice Me Up" calculator.

    eJuice Me Up - Best eJuice Calculator

    I found a video on YouTube where a guy will show you how to use it. I didn't like some of the references in the beginning of the vid so, please excuse those. Most of this guys videos that he puts out are fairly informative however, watch the video and we'll talk about it afterwards.

    Again, I'm not a fan of "weighing" liquids. Call me old fashioned. I'd rather use conventional measuring methods for measuring liquids as accurately as possible.

    At 3:33 in the vid, he'll show you how to download the Ejuice Me Up software, explains what each section is on the calculator and how to input values.

    Now, I don't mean for this thread to be a "bashing" type thread but, I am going to pick it apart a bit. There's just some things I noticed between mixing by weight vs. volume that I'm just not comfortable with.

    9:35 into the vid, it'll show the end result of the recipe. Again, these are all liquids he is measuring. I'm seeing slight differences in the PG/VG/nic, ml. vs. grams but, it's somewhat negligible with the exception of the VG difference and a slight difference in the nic that would bother me if he were mixing a larger quantity other than 15ml (think "exponentially"). We'll look at those again later. Also, notice the flavor "measurements", ml. vs. grams. There's an immeasurable difference.

    9:55 - Here he talks about the weights for the bases. VG has a higher viscosity than PG or your flavors. If you're using a nic base that's 100%PG, 100%VG or a 50/50 base, that's 3 different weights you'll have to keep track of.

    13:00 - Here he begins to pour/measure his flavors into his 15ml bottle. At 13:50, he has added his first ingredient. Now, here's where I take issue with this method. If you go back to the 9:35 mark in the vid, the "ml" numbers were basically the same as the "gram" numbers. The Chocolate glazed Donut flavor was supposed to be 1.05grams which should be the same as 1.05ml. Measuring with a syringe, you can measure 1.05ml using one of these (.55ml + .50ml)


    When I use ingredients that require, say, more than 1.5ml, I'll switch to a 3 ml syringe.


    Over 3ml? Switch to a 5ml.


    Notice the graduations on each of the syringes. The 1ml, you can be very accurate. Right down to .01ml. The 3ml, you can guesstimate down to .05ml and the 5ml, you can guesstimate down to 0.1ml. Yes. It can be several syringes that you would use for one mix depending on the number of flavors however, in my opinion, accuracy and consistency is key when making your eliquids. Especially when it comes to nicotine.

    Again, I'll go back to the 9:35 mark in the video. If you remember, the nicotine that he was showing for ml was .45ml of 100mg/ml nicotine vs. .556grams of the same. If we go with the theory that .1grams is equal to .1ml, that is actually quite a bit of difference, especially if you're mixing, say, a 50ml bottle or higher. (remember "exponentially"??). I want to be very accurate when measuring a "liquid nicotine" base.

    16:57 - Time to add the VG. By the calculator he's using, the amount of ml's was 10.05ml and the grams were 12.66grams. He stopped at 12.01grams of VG, which it all didn't fit, and added .45ml of nicotine which, by his scale, was .55grams.

    There are just too many inconstancies in the overall method he's using:

    The ml vs. grams in his flavorings were damn close
    The ml vs. grams in his PG measurement - can't say
    The ml vs. grams in his VG measurement - something is off.
    The ml vs. grams in his nic measurement - by the calculator he's using, that was pretty dang close, or was it?

    The rest of his methodology, I had no issues with. I will say, the order I add ingredients are as follows:

    Shake well and give it a "warm bath" for an hour or, you could use an ultrasonic cleaner with hot water. 2 or 3 full cycles will get your eliquid on its way.

    When I measure, I use syringes which measure liquids by volume. If I have a 15ml bottle and my calculator gives me the amount of each ingredient in milliliters and it equates to 15ml, I'm fairly confident it will all fit in the bottle. In my opinion, it's more accurate. A little more of a pain in the butt because of the cleaning process but, I know I have a eliquid that is the same, everytime. Like I said before, it's all about accuracy and consistency.

    (The views in this post are the opinions of the author. DIY eliquid at your own risk.)
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  2. Simply Red

    Simply Red Coiler and DIYer

    A little more about mixing and storage.I keep all my "bulk supplies" in this...
    Top drawer for extra needles and syringes
    2nd drawer for 10 and 15ml bottles
    3rd drawer for 30's and 50's
    4th drawer for my 4oz. bulk flavors (P-touch on the caps and alphabetized.) and 100's
    5th drawer for more 4oz. bulk flavors. Each deep drawer holds around 30 bottles.

    This holds my bottles I draw from when mixing...
    The fronts are labeled as are the lids so I know what's where. The top compartment has a "filling syringe", funnels and "shipping baggies". I'll, also, put the bottles I'm going to mix in that day in there.

    This holds my PG, VG, (1 liter each) nic (120 bottle) and all my "mixing ware"

    Grab the tackle box and the file box out of the cool dark closet, a cookie pan with sides in case of spillage, a bowl of water for rinsing and a few paper towels and off to the dining room table I go. :D

    With the number of different mixes I do at a sitting, I use the syringe to blow the excess water out of the needle, wipe and go on to the next recipe. I use my iPad with DIY E-Liquid Calculator Ten Flavors Plus PG/VG Adjusting opened up.
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  3. Shark Vape

    Shark Vape Expert parker...

    I use the syringe method too but I do understand those who put their faith in an uncalibrated Chinese coke scale.

    Vape tech has come so far. We even have automated stirring machines.
    I still use the old-school duct tape technique. :)