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5.56 Ammo At The Best Price.

Discussion in 'Gun Club' started by ConnieJFerrante, Sep 15, 2020 at 6:34 AM.

  1. ConnieJFerrante

    ConnieJFerrante New Member

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  2. MRSpivey

    MRSpivey Faith, Hope, & Love...

    You do realize this is a Vaping Forum... don’t you? I think guns and ammunition isn’t “General Interest” and I’m a 2A supporter as well as a gun/shooting enthusiast.
  3. ghost62

    ghost62 Goes Blip In The Night Staff Member Moderator Vendor Safe Zone Moderator

    Welcome to the forum!
    I'm sure by now, you've realized this is a vaping forum but many of us do support and exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.
    There's even a special section we created, "The Gun Club"
    I'll move your post over there so that it reaches a more 'targeted' audience (pun intended).
    Again, welcome and have a great day!