3fvape blog- Review on Kayfun Mini Clone RTA

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    Today we are going to view on the Kayfun Mini Style RTA. It's stainless steel construction, comes with PC transparent tube.
    Alright let's see what we get:
    This is a little box, nothing else written on it except "Kayfun Mini" and a logo
    Let's opne it up and this is what you get, you get a pack of spare parts, (extra orings, screw driver, some screws), you get your kayfun mini tank, with a drip tip.

    Let's take it up and put the drip tip on, the drip tip, I think it's acrylic or PC. It's about 43mm talk without drip tip, and about 55mm talk with the drip tip on. Pretty mini compared with other kayfun tank.

    Let's go ahead and take them apart, You got deck, pc tube, chimney, top cap and drip tip. Chimney is screwed to the deck while other parts just plug and unplug, fasten by the o-ring, the deck with the tube, and the tube with the top cap, the top cap with the drip tip.
    Take a close look at the build deck. their are 2 air hols on both side of the deck and you can take the airflow sleeves apart to clean. the 2 air hole come in about 1.5mm diameter.

    Please click the link: Kayfun Mini Style RTA Review for more information about the review.