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    OVNS JC02 PHOTO CONTEST Begins, Jun 29, 2019
  1. Elegomall

    OVNS JC02 PHOTO CONTEST begins´╝üCome and win the big prize! There will be 5 winners as following:

    The most liked photo will win $1000 in cash! (1 WINNER)

    (The photo which gets the highest number of likes on @elegomall_com and @ovns_tech.)

    The most creative photo will win $100 in cash! (2 WINNERS)

    (More likes on your photo, more chances to win.)

    The best vape tricks photo will win $100 in cash! (2 WINNERS)

    (More likes on your photo, more chances to win.)


    Rules are simple as below.

    1, Take a photo with an OVNS JC02 (Videos are welcome and will add additional scores to it.)

    2, Publish the photo with #ovnsjc02photocontest on Instagram.

    (Please be sure to tag @elegomall_com and @ovns_tech.)

    3, Send the photo to [email protected]

    (Please also add your Instagram account to the e-mail.)

    We will publish all the photos and give credits to you on @elegomall_com and @ovns_tech.So you can invite as more as possible of your friends to like your photo.

    4, We will count the total likes of the same photo published on @elegomall_com and @ovns_tech.The most liked a photo of OVNS JC02 on @elegomall_com and @ovns_tech will win $1000 in cash! And we will randomly pick the 4 best engagement photos to win $100 in cash! (4 winners)

    5, Duration: One month

    The more likes on your photo and video(optional), the more chances you will win.Looking forward to seeing your photos with OVNS JC02!

    Please pay attention that you must be a legal vaping age to enter the contest. And Elegomall and OVNS_TECH hold the final explanation right of the contest.