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    Alternate Universe Too..., Jul 18, 2020
  1. 100%VG

    Happy Saturday, AU,


    Not to make you crazy, but the reason I went through all those girations of trying to find how the FLV (specifically to FLV) percents work is twofold (and please read all of this).

    1.) Smoky told me to start low with Irish Cream (FLV). She said to start with 0.12%, so I had to find the Total #ml that 0.12% would be of, allowing me to start a little lower and work my way up. 0
    .12% is 2x 0.06%, so I had to find what Total #ml works with 0.06% for 1 drop so I could work with multiples of that. 0.06% of 33.3333ml = 0.02ml for 1 even drop of Irish Cream (FLV).

    If the #ml percentages that I posted before are right and the #gram percentages are wrong (as I think is the case), then 0
    .12% would be 2 drops of Irish Cream (FLV) in 33.29333ml, and 0.06% would be 1 drop in 33.31333ml. This means that using 1 drop in 10ml of VG, 20ml, or even 30ml would always be over or under 0.06% and 0.12%. A total mix of 33.33333ml is where I found things to work accurately for drops of Irish Cream (FLV) and Smoky's recommendation.

    2.) I needed to know how the percentages are derived and to know what size batches to make for accurate mixes.

    Then I wanted to know (asking you) if I can start with the calculated weight of a percentage of VG (average 1.265g/ml) to get close to the actual ml percentage that I need to make the number of FLV drops work out fairly accurately by adding the FLV drops last. I know that's the opposite of how you add your drops, but it'll work out in the shaking and steeping process. That way, with the #ml of VG in first, the scale would be more accurate with the number of drops of Irish Cream (FLV) when it's time to make batches of various sizes. Smoky only uses FLV, and that is my goal, so my math is related to only FLV here. Other flavoring brands would require their own testing procedures.

    The weight of 33.31333ml of VG would be 33.31333 times 1.265g = 42.14136g. After getting close to let's say 30ml of VG (or 37.95000g), then by adding the VG in drops I could get closer to obtaining 42.14136g than I could accurately measure 33.31333ml in a cylinder. To me, we either work with the math or we just fumble around with what might work, only to be disappointed with the results. Smoky says that most people overuse FLV because they are Ultras, so I'm trying to work with that and be accurate.

    Do you think that adding the calculated weight of VG in the bottle first, then adding the evenly calculated number of drops of FLV would work correctly for Solo Flavor Testing? If not, then where do the accurate percentage numbers come from?