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    Lounging on the Beach, Oct 10, 2019
  1. 100%VG

    Thanks, TinkerBabe. :wub: And I'm glad that this is such a caring and involved Cardiologist.
    I have been making notes to remind me and placing them in the console above the gear shifter. But I was in too much of a hurry this morning. I'll get the milk later.

    Got this in a CASAA email today. I'm gonna be there!...

    On Friday, October 11, The White House is expected to make an announcement regarding the FDA regulations of vapor products. We are anticipating this announcement to include the agency’s plans for regulating flavored vapor products other than tobacco.

    Following this announcement, later in the evening, Donald Trump will be holding a rally at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

    Show Donald Trump that #WeVapeWeVote
    Friday, October 11, 2019
    6:00 PM

    (Facebook Event Page - RSVP)
    Lake Charles Civic Center
    Lake Charles, Louisiana

    (Trump Rally Registration)

    Details and instructions from the event page:
    “Come out Friday (meet at the center of the circle loop drive) to show that nicotine vaping rights are important to you. Grab a poster board and make your signs. I VAPE I VOTE FLAVORS SAVES LIVES, ect... This event is open to EVERYONE WHO VAPES. All vape shop owners, employees, and customers. If you vape then stand with us. This event is CIVIL. NO ACTING OUT, YELLING, ARGUING, CURSING, BLOWING GIANT CLOUDS IN FRONT OF MEDIA, ect... Please dress appropriately. How they see us is how we will be treated. Please direct any media interviews to a coordinator if you are a consumer. (If the front drive is blocked off our second meet point is the Sea Wall by the 9/11 Memorial).”

    Please note: This is not an event organized by CASAA. Although we are coordinating with the event organizer for the purposes of informing our members in Louisiana, we cannot confirm that proper permitting or other logistical considerations are in place. That having been said, avoiding verbal or physical conflict with authorities or bystanders is always a good precaution to take.

    Tips for participating in a peaceful demonstration:
    • Simple clear messages that communicate your story at a glance are best.
    • Be respectful of people on the sidewalks and walking in and out of buildings.
    • Keep vaping discrete.
    • Dress appropriately (it might rain).
    • Be prepared to speak to the media (sharing your story about switching to vaping should be enough and refer reporters to event coordinators for more in depth comments).

    Thank you,
    - Alex Clark
    - CEO, CASAA