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    Alternate Universe Too..., May 15, 2020
  1. 100%VG


    I've been most of the day figuring out how to make a Spreadsheet in Excel for Pdrum's new e-liquids (saying "Pdrum's juices" sounds like I've been baking him in an over like a turkey on Thanksgiving :laugh:) and finally got it done after some research for the formulas needed. The =ROUNDUP one was tricky, and then I had to keep up with the way I did it in the first one. :facepalm: I'm frazzled.


    The only flavoring that DIY Vapor Supply is out of is Flavorah Vanilla Pudding (in light blue above), :( so I'm waiting to order anything until that one comes in. I'ma ask them if I can order and pay for everything, plus whatever S&H, and have them hold the box for me until the Flavorah Vanilla Pudding comes in. They've been out for at lest 3 days now, but I think it's more like 4-5. The #VALUE! is there in the Order column because the formula fails w/o the Flavorah Vanilla Pudding bottle size prices and quantities of which to buy. And Flavorah Sweetness is used at the same percentage twice, so I have a note to check for higher quantity savings.

    Greg came by with the part he bought me from the salvage yard for my car. Just the dome light cover and a bulb, but that was nice of him. I finally got him to take all of his computers and the bad and box of parts. :w00t: And he paid me 2/3 of the bill, so that'll help.

    Now to ask DIY Vapor Supply when Flavorah Vanilla Pudding might be in and to see if I can pay for it all and get it later.