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    Help Ethan get a special needs Adaptive Trike, Jan 6, 2016
  1. InMyImage

    Today Ethan was featured in our local special interest newpaper in a story about his new National Ambucs #Amtryke :)

    Thanks again to all who helped make this happen for Ethan Tackett, we truly cannot convey how great it is to see the smile on his face when he rides through the neighborhood. My trike has arrived also and I can't wait to be able to ride with him this spring. Something tells me we will be out there riding together a LOT! :)

  2. Help Ethan get a special needs Adaptive Trike, Nov 8, 2015
  3. InMyImage

    Ethan has asked to ride his #AMBUCS #Amtryke almost every day since he got it. Safe to say that he loves it.

    He has done a great job mastering it, even has the parking breaks completely figured out.

    One frustrating thing for him has been getting stuck when he gets off the sidewalk and today I was able to get him to understand how to push it while steering to get it back on again and later when he got stuck again he got right off and did just what I showed him which was awesome to see :)

    Sure glad that I have my scooter or I wouldn't be able to let him ride so much but can't wait to get my trike ;)

    Route was about 3.5 miles, unfortunately about 1/4 mile from the house he managed to roll the trike racking up his first accident and injury. His response to pain is one of the amazing things about him because even though you could tell he didn't like it, other than being trapped under the trike with his foot stuck in the pedal he didn't make any noise at all... but he wasn't getting back on and I had to let him ride the scooter while I rode the trike.

    The real test is going to be whether he asks to ride it again in the next couple of days...
  4. Help Ethan get a special needs Adaptive Trike, Nov 3, 2015
  5. InMyImage

    I am very happy to announce that Ethan received his #Amtryke from #AMBUCS :thumbs:

    We took it to his best friends house so that it would be a surprise and he could ride it safely in the cul-de-sac that she lives on without having to worry so much about him accidentally getting into the street ;)

    View attachment 4190

    View attachment 4191

    Shelly, Ethan and I all want to thank you and tell you how much this means to us. You can see in the video a couple of examples of him looking at people's houses and losing focus on what he is doing leading to him running off the sidewalk or completely stopping. These are examples of why riding a bike without training wheels was impossible for him.

    We plan to take him to a park with bike paths this week and will try to get some more videos of him then. We are hoping that without the distraction of homes and mailboxes that he will be able to focus on path :thumb:
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  7. InMyImage

    This is the kind of setup that Ethan's best friend's sister is on the wish list for. If I understood correctly she was born with some developmental issues but things got worse after her family was in a car accident.


    #ambucs #amtryke