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  1. glassgrl

    Have fun!!! A burger sounds so good right now. #jealous
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  6. Lounging on the Beach, Mar 1, 2017
  7. daleron

    Time for a snack :)

    Coconut Curry Caramel Corn

    Dulce de Leche -- a very popular #dessert in #Mexico! ||

    Warm peanut butter brownie at Sunshine Seasons
  8. Alternate Universe Too..., Feb 16, 2017
  9. glassgrl

    Hello! Twas a fabulous day in NJ yesterday. Way too short though. Got some new pics of the cutest baby ever but can't show them until I get home. #technosaur

    Nope. Can't remember if it was PG or VG I got from Tractor Supply. I was kinda skeeved using something meant for animals but it's the same USP stuff so I got over it and it's fine. No shipping, just a 20 minute drive.

    I have something similar from the way back and don't use it. A6? A8? It's a dripper. I'm waaay too lazy to be a dripper. I do like some of this new stuff you've been posting but have so many things waiting for me at home. Including the Haterade tank. Must not forget the Haterade tank. lol
  10. Moved Items, Jan 13, 2017
  11. Shark Vape

    Im'a jus leave this here since it fails to meet
    the higher expectation of the cartoons thread... [​IMG] OhMyGak... #ThatsNotFunny!

    Executive Twitter fit in 5... 4... 3...
  12. Alternate Universe Too..., Nov 24, 2016
  13. glassgrl

    And they're all named Jim. lol Come to think of it, that's spot on.

    Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving! May your turkey be moist not dry and no one calls the cops.
    #Carbarama #Carbapalooza
  14. Opinion on issues, Oct 12, 2016
  15. jj2

    Not in my part of the woods.

    Was posted on hub's FB acct that we share. It's the one for family and friends. Mine is for Vaping or whatever.
    Seen this on both accts and its been females posting it.
    ~~~~"Last night a friend claimed that Donald Trump wouldn’t make a good president; he is brash, he is racist, he is a loudmouth; you know the normal things people learn to recite after being programmed by television news. The one I loved was that, “Trump is arrogant.” My friend questioned if one man could make “that much difference in the world today.” To my friend's credit, she was respectful enough to let me respond when she asked, “Really, what has Trump done?”
    I said, “In June of last year, Trump entered the race for president. In just a little over a year, Trump has single handedly defeated the Republican party. He did so thoroughly. In fact, he did so in such a resounding way that the Republican Party now suffers from an identity crisis. He literally dismantled the party. Trump even dismantled and dismissed the brand and value of the Bush family.
    Trump has Obama petrified that Trump will dismiss programs that weren’t properly installed using proper law.
    Trump has single handedly debunked and disemboweled any value of news media as we knew it—news now suffering from an all-time level of distrust and disrespect.
    Trump has leaders from all over the world talking about him, whether good or bad. Trust me, powerful men who have been president before weren’t liked by the global community. I doubt Mikhail Gorbachev liked Reagan when Reagan said, "Tear down that wall."
    Trump has expressly disclosed the fraud perpetrated on the American public by Hillary Clinton. He has, quite literally, brought Hillary to her knees—if you believe that nervous tension and disorders offer physical side effects and damage.
    Trump has unified the silent majority in a way that should be patently frightening to “liberals.”
    As the press accuses Trump of being a house of cards, Trump has proven the press is the real house of cards. He has whipped up the entire establishment into pure panic. Trump has exposed them for who they are and worse, what they are. George Clooney was right when he said Trump draws live news coverage of his podium that he’s not yet approached. Thanks, George, you were perfectly correct.
    What we see as headline news today are actually the last bubbles from the ship that is now sunk—meaning the standard news media, as a propaganda machine, has been exposed. They have no more value.
    In the same way Trump asked the African-American community this question, I asked my friend, ”At this point, what do you have to lose?” We have mass cop shootings, riots in our streets, ambushed cops, double digit inflation, bombs blowing up in our cities, targeted police, #BLM, a skyrocketing jobless rate, no economic growth, privately owned land being seized by the federal government, the worst racial tension in my lifetime, no God in schools, more abortions than ever, illegal aliens pouring into our country, sick veterans receiving no care, and a debt that doubled in seven years to $19 trillion. Are you really happy with the condition of the current system?
    One man has done all of this in one year—one guy, and on his own dime. And with everything I’ve written above, you believe Trump hasn't done anything? You claim that you are afraid of Donald Trump? No wonder we’re in trouble. You can say that Trump is a lousy presidential candidate. That’s your right. Just don’t ever say he’s not effective.
    That Megan Kelly, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, Rachel Maddow, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, Raleigh’s News and Observer, the AP, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and many more, failed to implement their collectively orchestrated lie on the American people against Trump, is actually a massive testament to Trump. The press colluded pure propaganda to accomplish his demise … and they have collectively failed and miserably.
    Here's just one example of how badly America is injured right now. There are high school football players on their knees during the national anthem simply because the press used as propaganda to program those kids to do that very thing. But, these kids are mimicking NFL stars the same way the same kids chooses which brand of football shoe to purchase—they're overtly brain-washed to do that very thing.
    Now, we have a generation of children who hate America.
    America’s problem isn’t that little children are on their knee in collective disrespect of America. Our problem is that America is on her knee from collective disrespect by Americans.
    You can disrespect America all you want. But, it’s high-time you respect the silent majority. Because they’re not simply the “silent majority” as you’ve been trained to believe when Hillary calls them “deplorables.” The fact is, they are simply the majority. And now they're no longer silent either. Donald Trump changed all of that, single-handedly and within one year." From Be Forbes."
    Bebe Coe Bertino
    9/29/2016 , this is a copy and paste, and needs to be read and spread!!

    Anyway when I opened this thread it was not suppose to be about the candidates but about the issues and even the aspects of their lives in the political playing field.

    As usual it's gone astray so I'm going to ask for it to be closed.
    Sorry all.