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    Wotofo MDura Mini 80W, Less Weight More Power, Jul 6, 2021
  1. Gina

    Wotofo MDura Mini Mod is an 80W box mod powered by single 18650 battery. There is a Up/Down button on the bottom for you to adjustable output wattage between 5-80W. Utilizing nexCHIP, MDura Mini Mod features 0.001s firing speed. A 0.96 inch TFT screen will show you vaping information and help you use this mod easily.

    High-calss leather wrap
    Single 18650 battery
    0.96 inch TFT screen
    Supports 0.001s firing speed with nexCHIP
    Adjustable output wattage between 5-80W
    Type-C 2A fast charging

    Wotofo MDura Mini 80W Box Kit is a compact side-by-side device with light-weight and high-class leather wrap. Wotofo MDura Mini 80W Kit consists of Wotofo MDura Mini 80W Mod and nexMINI Subtank. Wotofo nexMINI Subtank is a leakproof tank with child lock. Wotofo nexMINI comes with Rugged 3.5ml PCTG tube and 4.5ml glass tube with top filling design. nexMINI Sub Ohm Tank includes two coils: #D43 Clapton Mesh Coil for rich and strong flavor and #D41 A1 nexMESH Coil for smoother hit. Wotofo nexMINI tank also supports adjustable bottom airflow.

    More details for MDura Mini
    MDura Mini Mod >> https://www.3fvape.com/50625-wotofo-mdura-mini.html
    MDura Mini Mod Kit >> https://www.3fvape.com/50621-wotofo-mdura-mini-mod-kit.html
  2. Freemax Official Vape Shop Online Launched Now, Dec 1, 2020
  3. Freemaxvape

    Have you already joined in the activity to design Freemax Maxpod Circle Pod System by yourself? Freemax has already selected the Top 9 designs from #createmaxpodcircle and published the top 9 designs on the activity page. Now what you can do is just to vote for the designs you like. The top 3 will be the 3 ones with the most votes. The votes will end on 5th, Dec. Now there are only four days left and please seize the chance.

    The activity page for you to vote the top 3 designs here>> https://www.freemaxvape.com/best-design-maxpod-circle-kit


    The list of all winners will be announced on Freemax official vape website.
    1. Top 3 will get Maxpod Circle designed by themselves, Freemax T-shirt, bag, and hat.
    2. Top 4-Top 9 will also get prizes: Maxpod Circle(standard edition), Freemax T-shirt, bag, and hat
    3. 6 lucky voters will be selected. They will get a Maxpod Circle designed by Top 3
  4. Alternate Universe Too..., Nov 16, 2020
  5. muth

    LMAO. I'm liking the Gold Ducat even more (3%) but could go a smidge higher. Have you tried that one yet #slacker ?:p It's very tasty and could see it in mixes. I do not pick up on the spicy notes of anise and cloves that a few report. If I did I would puke.
  6. Alternate Universe Too..., Nov 15, 2020
  7. glassgrl

    I haven't even tried it yet. #slackass


    we got that a little while ago. It blew by really fast but it was kinda scary for 20 minutes or so.
  8. Alternate Universe Too..., Aug 14, 2020
  9. 100%VG

    Contest on ECF:
    Sourcemore Giveaway-Vaporesso GTX ONE Kit-8/31
    It's an MTL Kit with Mod and Tank.


    Hey folks,

    What is the great news today? Sourcemore brings you an excellent vape kit - Vaporesso GTX ONE Kit

    GTX ONE Kit is a VW mod kit that comes with both aesthetics and ergonomics. With compact size and durable material, it provides a cozy hand feel with anti-skid and anti-scratch. It consists of a 3ml large tank and a 2000mAh built-in battery. As for the tank, it adopts a top filling system for convenient operation and adjustable airflow design for smooth airstream. And it is compatible with GTX coils for pure flavor and dense cloud. With so many designs, it allows you to get a wonderful MTL or restricted DTL vaping experience. Besides, regarding the mod, it comes with max 40W adjustable power output and supports smart VW mode. And equipped with a simple and concise 0.69-inch OLED screen, it brings you all details clearly. Last but not least, it is designed with multiple protections, such as Overtime Protection, Overheat Protection, Short Circuit Protection, USB Input Protection, No Load Protection, Overcharging Protection, Resistance Protection, and so on.

    Would you like to enjoy vaping with this wonderful Vaporesso GTX ONE Kit? Just join this game, you may catch an opportunity to win it. Lucky dog can be you!!!

    To enter:
    Play word chain: comment one word and the word should be related to vaping. One word per post and the word has to begin with the last letter of the previous word commented.


    If you draw a blank post like
    'Vaporesso GTX ONE Kit'
    Next post will start with Letter 't'

    1. One winner will be picked by random.org on August 31, 2020.
    2. You must be over 21.
    3. Number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
    4. Max 3 replies for each member
  10. Alternate Universe Too..., Jul 18, 2020
  11. 100%VG

    Happy Saturday, AU,


    Not to make you crazy, but the reason I went through all those girations of trying to find how the FLV (specifically to FLV) percents work is twofold (and please read all of this).

    1.) Smoky told me to start low with Irish Cream (FLV). She said to start with 0.12%, so I had to find the Total #ml that 0.12% would be of, allowing me to start a little lower and work my way up. 0
    .12% is 2x 0.06%, so I had to find what Total #ml works with 0.06% for 1 drop so I could work with multiples of that. 0.06% of 33.3333ml = 0.02ml for 1 even drop of Irish Cream (FLV).

    If the #ml percentages that I posted before are right and the #gram percentages are wrong (as I think is the case), then 0
    .12% would be 2 drops of Irish Cream (FLV) in 33.29333ml, and 0.06% would be 1 drop in 33.31333ml. This means that using 1 drop in 10ml of VG, 20ml, or even 30ml would always be over or under 0.06% and 0.12%. A total mix of 33.33333ml is where I found things to work accurately for drops of Irish Cream (FLV) and Smoky's recommendation.

    2.) I needed to know how the percentages are derived and to know what size batches to make for accurate mixes.

    Then I wanted to know (asking you) if I can start with the calculated weight of a percentage of VG (average 1.265g/ml) to get close to the actual ml percentage that I need to make the number of FLV drops work out fairly accurately by adding the FLV drops last. I know that's the opposite of how you add your drops, but it'll work out in the shaking and steeping process. That way, with the #ml of VG in first, the scale would be more accurate with the number of drops of Irish Cream (FLV) when it's time to make batches of various sizes. Smoky only uses FLV, and that is my goal, so my math is related to only FLV here. Other flavoring brands would require their own testing procedures.

    The weight of 33.31333ml of VG would be 33.31333 times 1.265g = 42.14136g. After getting close to let's say 30ml of VG (or 37.95000g), then by adding the VG in drops I could get closer to obtaining 42.14136g than I could accurately measure 33.31333ml in a cylinder. To me, we either work with the math or we just fumble around with what might work, only to be disappointed with the results. Smoky says that most people overuse FLV because they are Ultras, so I'm trying to work with that and be accurate.

    Do you think that adding the calculated weight of VG in the bottle first, then adding the evenly calculated number of drops of FLV would work correctly for Solo Flavor Testing? If not, then where do the accurate percentage numbers come from?

  12. Alternate Universe Too..., Jul 7, 2020
  13. 100%VG

    This from Alex Clark of CASAA in email today...


    We’ve never done anything like this before…

    All things considered, CASAA has had a good run. Since our inception in 2009, we’ve helped elevate the voice of consumers to a degree that top officials at the Food and Drug Administration make public statements acknowledging the benefits of vaping and other smoke-free alternatives. We need your help to keep this energy going.

    As you well know, CASAA membership is free. We provide all of our services and information to the public without asking for much in return. We don’t sell our members’ data and we don’t put up paywalls. We rely 100% on voluntary donations. So when we tell you that we’ve seen an almost 40% decline in donations over the past year, understand that it means our ability to continue providing information and services is in grave danger.


    The truth is, if every person who read this post donated just $2.00, we’d have the funding we need to stay operational for the rest of the year. If even half of those people signed up for monthly $2.00 donations, our operating costs would be covered, and we could start implementing plans for expansion.

    What would expansions look like for CASAA?

    • Let’s get some real lobbying power. Lobbying firms are expensive and for years consumers have been left to rely on industry associations to provide lobbying resources such as access to lawmakers and even seats at public hearings. We need our own voice in legislatures and we need to pay for it on our own.
    • Expanded Programs. Prepping for spoken testimony, educational materials for lawmakers, and PR campaigns all require up-front investment of money and people power. More funding = more staff and more opportunities to reach people outside of the vaping community.
    • Sustained defense against enduring threats. Just because the FDA is promising to crack down on non-compliant manufacturers after September 9, 2020, doesn’t mean that our fight is over. Anti-nicotine idealogues are pressuring all levels of government to enact stricter laws that are creating new problems and we need to be equipped to respond as well as proactively fix existing bad policies.


    I know it might sound weird to say that after ten years CASAA is just getting started, but looking at it from a historical perspective we know that movements like this can take generations just to hit their stride.

    Looking to the future, we know that there is already a mountain of bad policies that we need to tear down. We’re having that conversation today about issues involving race, law enforcement, and healthcare, so the time is ripe to broaden the discussion and include tobacco and substance use policies that require reform.

    I hope it’s becoming clear that consumers are the number one stakeholder in the debate about tobacco harm reduction. While we can reasonably expect industry stakeholders to defend their businesses, the responsibility for standing up against discriminatory policies and ethical breaches among researchers falls at the feet of people who use nicotine. There is no one there to protect us and many who claim that they have our best health in mind are almost eager to dismiss us when we point out the consequences of their “protection.” We have to support ourselves and build our own movement.

    Now more than ever, consumer support of harm reduction strategies is vital to improving public health and preventing expansion of the war on drugs to target people who use nicotine.


    Thank you for all that you do,
    Alex Clark

    P.S. Donate $2.00 today and help fund our efforts into 2021. Make your gift a monthly donation and help us grow our operations into the next decade.

    Tune in for more information!

    July 7 @ 3:30pm PST

    Alex Clark on Grimm Green's Live Show!

    Have questions? Want more information? Tune in to Grimm Green's Tuesday Bro Tuesday Live Stream with special guest Alex Clark!
    Grimm Green Channel

    July 9 @ 7pm PST

    Alex Clark on That's What She Said!

    Get to know Alex, learn more about CASAA, and join in on the fun with the ladies of That's What She Said!
    That's What She Said Channel

    Alex Clark, CEO
    Bruce Nye, President
    P.O. Box 2991
    Plattsburgh, NY 12901
    (202) 241-9117
    [email protected]
  14. Alternate Universe Too..., May 15, 2020
  15. 100%VG


    I've been most of the day figuring out how to make a Spreadsheet in Excel for Pdrum's new e-liquids (saying "Pdrum's juices" sounds like I've been baking him in an over like a turkey on Thanksgiving :laugh:) and finally got it done after some research for the formulas needed. The =ROUNDUP one was tricky, and then I had to keep up with the way I did it in the first one. :facepalm: I'm frazzled.


    The only flavoring that DIY Vapor Supply is out of is Flavorah Vanilla Pudding (in light blue above), :( so I'm waiting to order anything until that one comes in. I'ma ask them if I can order and pay for everything, plus whatever S&H, and have them hold the box for me until the Flavorah Vanilla Pudding comes in. They've been out for at lest 3 days now, but I think it's more like 4-5. The #VALUE! is there in the Order column because the formula fails w/o the Flavorah Vanilla Pudding bottle size prices and quantities of which to buy. And Flavorah Sweetness is used at the same percentage twice, so I have a note to check for higher quantity savings.

    Greg came by with the part he bought me from the salvage yard for my car. Just the dome light cover and a bulb, but that was nice of him. I finally got him to take all of his computers and the bad and box of parts. :w00t: And he paid me 2/3 of the bill, so that'll help.

    Now to ask DIY Vapor Supply when Flavorah Vanilla Pudding might be in and to see if I can pay for it all and get it later.
  16. Alternate Universe Too..., Mar 22, 2020
  17. Alternate Universe Too..., Nov 16, 2019
  18. muth

    #fightallflavors #fighttheflavor ? Let's brainwash our children.

    "Hey kid, you don't like your broccoli?" #fighttheflavor