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    Alternate Universe Too..., Mar 22, 2020
  1. Alternate Universe Too..., Nov 16, 2019
  2. muth

    #fightallflavors #fighttheflavor ? Let's brainwash our children.

    "Hey kid, you don't like your broccoli?" #fighttheflavor
  3. Lounging on the Beach, Oct 10, 2019
  4. 100%VG

    Thanks, TinkerBabe. :wub: And I'm glad that this is such a caring and involved Cardiologist.
    I have been making notes to remind me and placing them in the console above the gear shifter. But I was in too much of a hurry this morning. I'll get the milk later.

    Got this in a CASAA email today. I'm gonna be there!...

    On Friday, October 11, The White House is expected to make an announcement regarding the FDA regulations of vapor products. We are anticipating this announcement to include the agency’s plans for regulating flavored vapor products other than tobacco.

    Following this announcement, later in the evening, Donald Trump will be holding a rally at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

    Show Donald Trump that #WeVapeWeVote
    Friday, October 11, 2019
    6:00 PM

    (Facebook Event Page - RSVP)
    Lake Charles Civic Center
    Lake Charles, Louisiana

    (Trump Rally Registration)

    Details and instructions from the event page:
    “Come out Friday (meet at the center of the circle loop drive) to show that nicotine vaping rights are important to you. Grab a poster board and make your signs. I VAPE I VOTE FLAVORS SAVES LIVES, ect... This event is open to EVERYONE WHO VAPES. All vape shop owners, employees, and customers. If you vape then stand with us. This event is CIVIL. NO ACTING OUT, YELLING, ARGUING, CURSING, BLOWING GIANT CLOUDS IN FRONT OF MEDIA, ect... Please dress appropriately. How they see us is how we will be treated. Please direct any media interviews to a coordinator if you are a consumer. (If the front drive is blocked off our second meet point is the Sea Wall by the 9/11 Memorial).”

    Please note: This is not an event organized by CASAA. Although we are coordinating with the event organizer for the purposes of informing our members in Louisiana, we cannot confirm that proper permitting or other logistical considerations are in place. That having been said, avoiding verbal or physical conflict with authorities or bystanders is always a good precaution to take.

    Tips for participating in a peaceful demonstration:
    • Simple clear messages that communicate your story at a glance are best.
    • Be respectful of people on the sidewalks and walking in and out of buildings.
    • Keep vaping discrete.
    • Dress appropriately (it might rain).
    • Be prepared to speak to the media (sharing your story about switching to vaping should be enough and refer reporters to event coordinators for more in depth comments).

    Thank you,
    - Alex Clark
    - CEO, CASAA

  5. Alternate Universe Too..., Sep 11, 2019
  6. glassgrl

    Good morning. One of my oldest KFL+ is leaking around the bottom of the bell cap. What a mess. Now where did I put those replacement parts? #boxlife
  7. OVNS JC02 PHOTO CONTEST Begins, Jun 29, 2019
  8. Elegomall

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  9. Alternate Universe Too..., Apr 12, 2019
  10. glassgrl

    I thought they did but then it said discontinued. I'm getting tired of FT discontinuing everything I want. Like the Tesla Stealth 40W, the newer Stealth 70W... #wahwahbabypants
  11. My views and what I learned, Oct 23, 2018
  12. TheWestPole

    Not at all, @Trax. Your point about due process was clearly understood and none disagreed with it. You were respectfully engaged on the value and implications of #metoo, especially your assertion of injustice repeated above. You chose not to acknowledge those posts and to disengage completely.
  13. My views and what I learned, Oct 23, 2018
  14. Trax

    Unless you are on the Fantasy Football thread then you might not know me. I posted on the Moved thread and people completely missed my point. FFS. I said that special interest groups and the metoo movement were taking away a basic protection of our judicial system. Innocent until proven guilty. Terry suggested that I create my own thread and clearly state my political, religious and philosophical beliefs so that readers have a chance to stop reading if they want to so here goes:
    I am a 28 year old female. I am stripper. We own our own business. Both my husband and I graduated college. We own our own home. I'm a survivor of both sexual abuse and prejudice. We are crime victims. My parents are die hard Republicans but I consider my self a free thinking conservative. I'm not religious but tell people I'm spiritual. I try to respect other people's views and opinions but have very little tolerance for people that think their opinion is better just because of their education or how many letters they have after their name. I volunteer at a battered women's shelter. My brother is a heroin addict that is currently clean and rebuilding his life.
    Be honest not just with me but yourself. How many people reading this reread the statement that I am a stripper or at least kept it in their minds while reading the rest of my backstory? If so then you are as big a part of the problem as the people that call others ******s or fags or *******s or any other words that separates one person from another. Stop reading here and think about that.

    Did my comment about your education and letters after your name ruffle your feathers?
    How about my political leanings or sexual abuse or being a crime victim? Did any of that affect your view of me? Did any of you get offended by my comment that some people missed my point in the Moved thread? Then you missed my point. I wasn't condemning the #metoo movement. I was condemning the people that use it to deny the accused of due process. This isn't the 1950's anymore but what is happening is McCarthyism all over again. If you are the victim of a crime take it to the police not social media and not Congress and not some damn movement. I was raped. I went to the police and I fought for justice. He's behind bars where he belongs. On the flip, my husband fired a driver for failure to follow safety protocols and he was hit with a sexual discrimination lawsuit because the driver was gay. It cost us over $68,000 to fight that and we won but our only recourse to recover our losses is to sue a penniless driver. Austin hired him knowing he was gay and gave him the same quality runs as the other drivers. It didn't matter to him what his sexual orientation was. All he cared about was his ability to deliver runs safely on time. The guy failed and was canned. He failed to properly secure a load and items were damaged. We lost a contract because of that. That might not mean much to you but it was a loss of over $216,000 a year in revenue to us. Insurance paid the damages and then jacked our rates by 6%. The driver received a written warning according to our policy and was limited to local runs for 60 days. On his third run under restriction he sideswiped a car backing in to the loading dock and caused $3800 damage so Austin fired him. Now all of this was documented but he sued us for sexual discrimination in his termination. We paid the damages to the car to avoid another insurance claim and then had to pay an attorney almost $70,000 to fight the discrimination claims. How is that fair? Huh? You tell me. Sure we won the suit but still had to pay our lawyers and they said the only way to recoup our losses is go after the driver who doesn't have squat. That's why I am so pissed off about all of these allegations of abuse and sexual assault and discrimination without giving the accused their day in court. Innocent until proven guilty.
    Let that sink in too. You are innocent until proven guilty.
    I proved my attacker guilty by going to the police and allowing him to defend himself. The justice system found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and sent him to prison. My husband was falsely accused of sexual discrimination in firing an unsafe driver and was forced to spend more than most people earn a year in attorney fees to fight the lies. I did what was right so it was a win. Austin did nothing wrong but was forced to pay huge sums because of an accusation. Where is the justice in that? Careers are being stripped away from people because of allegations. Families are being torn apart and fortunes are being lost all because someone wants to run to social media or Congress or a committee or a movement without giving the accused a chance to defend themselves. That's bullshit and it makes me hate where our country is headed.
    So there is where I stand. I'm pro Constitution, pro due process, pro victims' rights as long as the letter of the law is followed, pro choice and have no sympathy for people that demand their rights be respected while pissing on the rights of others. If you are still reading you either agree with me or are formulating a comeback to refute what I've said. That's your right just don't directly attack me for having an opinion that differs from yours and I will show you the same respect.
    So as Terry suggested I have put out where I stand in black and white and hopefully you know a bit more about me. For those of you still fixated with the fact that I am an exotic dancer you can read a bit of my story on the fantasy football thread. I'm open to questions and challenges as long as they are respectful.
  15. Vapesourcing Fallingstars Chanenge Giveaway!!!, Oct 18, 2018
  16. VS5OFF

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  17. Moved Items, Oct 6, 2018
  18. TheWestPole

    Your points about due process and fairness are well taken. There are going to be a lot of unjust cases among the accused until we start dealing with the problem better. It's fortunate that you got justice in your case, but your case represents only 0.6% of rape cases nationally. What about the 99.4%? Were they all illegitimate? Of course not, including those which were never reported, for all the reasons that are well understood, or never stood a chance of being provable in court. Focusing your ire on the #metoo movement seems profoundly counterproductive to me. Don't you as a rape survivor want to encourage women and girls to report their assaults, contemporaneously or as soon as possible? That's what #metoo has been doing, encouraging women and girls though stories of long unreported assaults to come forward or otherwise embolden themselves to report assaults immediately. And to that end "I Believe the Women," which is not a legal position, is certainly an important message to send.

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